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Trading Guide Updated… Login Now! & Traders Meet-Up…

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Update Complete…

It’s done! Despite the last month or so being one of the quietest on my calendar, I’ve remained pretty busy…

Video Pack Users will have seen there was an additional 6 recordings added last month, bringing the total to a whopping 76! I’d been meaning to add one or two for a while now, but with trading plenty of markets to trade it’s hard to find the time. The slightly quieter period’s been ideal to catch up.

On top of that I’ve managed to add a chunk to the Trading Guide as well (12 pages). So if you can remember your username and password check the portal now! If you can’t find your details, drop us an email here and we’ll look it up for you…

This Week…

This week’s been pretty eventful outside of the markets.

On Thursday I was invited to the Bobby Moore Cancer Research charity evening in London, it meant I had to miss the evenings trading at Chelmsford City… but I think anyone in their right mind would have made the same decision! Over £240,000 was raised for a worthwhile cause.

The weekend was rammed with quality races to trade, and the defeat of Faugheen. Followed up with a bit of leisure time at the dogs on Sunday! (Below)

Beer and Betfair

Some of you may have seen a user from the geeks toy forum (username: acg) post on this very blog about trading the greyhounds.

He’s been doing it for a number of years, although due to living in Bucharest, Romania had never been in person! This weekend that changed, with a visit to the UK it would have been rude not to meet up…


Trading can be a solitary existence, if you allow it. Taking time out to have a beer, and let off steam is always a good idea!

Over the years I’ve spoken to many on-line about trading betting exchanges, although 90% of them I’ve never met in person… location can be a bit tricky, although maybe it’d be a good idea to arrange an annual gathering. If that were the case, would you come?

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12 thoughts on “Trading Guide Updated… Login Now! & Traders Meet-Up…

  1. I would definitely come if it were somewhere neutral and convenient for everyone to meet. I live in Milton Keynes and it’s an ass coz it’s do far from any coast.
    I’m pretty sure , if organised right, many people would be interested, with the amount of followers who admire your work Caan.

  2. Hi Caan, just started on the video pack, and thanks. As a newbie, and for the future I would definitely come.

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