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Betfair Trading: Video Pack Update….

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So it’s been about 6 months since I released the first edition of the Video Pack. Since then I’ve added a few clips and it currently totals around 50 but, after updating the Trading Guide last month I thought it’d only be right to do the same! Further still all the positive emails I’ve had after the last update have been encouraging so thanks!

With the lull in the markets at the moment its prime time to make a few changes and updates, so you’ve probably guessed it but like I did before updating the guide I’d like any feedback/suggestions from existing Video Pack users so I can do my best to incorporate it, email too – support@caanberry.com. Making sure it’s the very best it can be is my aim!! Currently I already have a few additions to render and add so I’d expect there to be around 10+ more!

I’m going to set the update completion date at the 4th October 2014 to make sure I keep motivated, so if you can mail any suggestions through as soon as possible it would be preferable (before the end of the month preferably). I’m fully aware some of the clips have been really quite popular with users and more examples have been suggested so take a second to let me know which ones! The execution strategy clips seem to have been favourite so far.

All existing users will be able to view the update and any future update via the login portal provided on purchase, if you’ve lost your details just drop me a mail and I’ll re-send the info.

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One thought on “Betfair Trading: Video Pack Update….

  1. More back and lay videos would be good ,also more tennis strategies ,love the way your video’s come across makes it very easy to follow keep up the good work (your a 22 carat diamond).Regards Billy

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