Whitelist Email

Make sure you don’t miss an email, white-list our email you just registered by doing this:

For Gmail:

Log in to your Gmail account…

Add the email address to your contacts.


Also, be sure to check for the email we just sent you in your spam folder (occasionally providers will mark new mail as spam). You should:

  • Navigate to your spam folder
  • Search for emails containing our address
  • Select the emails shown
  • Click more, and then not spam

That’s it…

For Outlook, Live, MSN and Hotmail:

Log in to your account…

Add the email address to contacts. Outlook, Live, MSN and Hotmail will normally deliver email from addresses that are in contacts.

Add the address to ‘safe senders’

  • Click the cog icon inside your mailbox, then > more settings
  • Choose ‘safe and blocked senders’ and then ‘safe senders’
  • Add the domain caanberry.com to the list of safe senders
  • Return to your safe and blocked senders list and then > safe mailing lists
  • Finally, add the email address to ‘safe mailing lists’

For Yahoo:

Yahoo is probably the easiest provider to white-list an email address. All you need to do is add the email to your contacts. Done inside your inbox.


If at any point you would like to opt-out, you can by clicking at the bottom of each email. Or get in contact with support. Thanks!