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Are You Being Productive, Or Just Active?

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So I’ve been reading more of the ‘4 hour workweek‘ book and it’s thrown up some interesting stuff. The 80/20 rule I found particularly interesting.

But it hints at asking yourself the question more regularly. ”Are you being productive? or just active?” the reason being so true in my opinion. The whole world seems to be stuck in this archaic way of thinking that the world shuffles papers between 9 – 5 and work is done. When really the majority of people at work be it for someone else (probably more so) or themselves are generally just keeping active in that slot, 80% of the things they do not even being productive!


On a more personal level I think this even applies to my trading. I may only trade several hours a day but even in that time I find myself stuck in the same loop. From 2pm – 5.30pm is racing time and I will sit here and trade every single race. Now it’s not necessarily wrong to be trading for the whole time frame. But I find a lot of the time in the markets (probably more the losing ones) I’m just being active and not actually applying myself efficiently or productively. It’s too easy to sit here and go to the next race and trade it without looking at all the relevant information. I still profit the majority of the time although it’s not at maximum efficiency!

So for that reason. I’ve now got it written on a post it note and am going to ask myself as many times possible each day this question, preferably before every race!!

Also it made me think about the greyhounds trading. While I can consistently pull some extra cash each day which adds up for the time I spend it’s really probably not worth it. In comparison to other things and doing as I wish with my time!

So I’ll probably just stop the dogs altogether. Recently instead I’ve been looking at the moves I can find the morning of the racing prior to the start…. don’t want to tempt fate but I haven’t had a looser yet!! the biggest move was from 3.8 in to 7.2!!!! all selections I’ve been putting on twitter so far when I open them and if I scale them out any earlier, if you like follow me on the left or search me!

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3 thoughts on “Are You Being Productive, Or Just Active?

  1. Blimey Caan you’ve gone Tweet-tastic!

    Very interesting indeed. How are you determining what to lay and what to back in the morning? Are you just looking at the BF graphs or are you combining this with a bit of form study?

    PS I might even have to get myself on this Twitter thingy!

    Cheers- Dave.

  2. Indeed dave!

    I’m determing them from a mixture of how i gauge the market strength in relation to the selection based on a mixture of money in the market and how it appears to be starting to form along with a look through the cards too bearing in mind the usual factors you may if you was having a look… ive never been one to study form, mainly because im useless at it! haha

  3. Good to see you’re coming round to my way of thinking re:the dogs. Far too little upside with them to waste the time, you need to be looking towards markets that can be scaled up.

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