One year on!!!

Evening all!!

Just been having a scan though last years posts by myself to see what i could find that possibly relates to the markets this time of year!, last year i was learning fast around this time although i probably wasn’t coping so well mentally with it! The markets are gathering pace although still a bit scratchey at times i feel, over the last few days i have noticed quite a few fast moves with big lumps chopping the price action around, not always ideal but when i look back on it to november last years posts its nothing unusual!….

Comparing results from now to then just shows the difference! well chuffed, hopefully next year they will have grown even more!!

November last year…

 (You’ll notice a little bollock dropper in there…. even now i get a overexcited lol)
Anyway it’s all good and Christmas is on its way, not long now and there will be some nice races to look forward too along with all the goodies and plenty of sausage rolls 😉 i can hardly wait!!!
Hopefully that Christmas blog will appear again soon too! always a good read!!

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