Product Pricing Changes in 2020

Price Changes

If you’re thinking about purchasing products on you should read this post thoroughly.

I’ll keep it brief as I’ve been putting it off for a while now. It saddens me as it’s not something I want to do…

The Reason:

When I started this blog, it was merely to document my journey and enforce discipline by way of public humiliation should it lapse.

After going full time and sharing insight for a couple of years the following grew. With so little in the way of quality education I decided to create the Pre Race Trading Guide in 2013.

Immediately it was a hit (I was surprised). Between trading and posting up user questions intensified. Several sent messages to say it would be more helpful if they could see some screen recordings…

This led to the creation of the other products now available. Since then, many things have changed. The site has grown, we’ve added updates, features and a supportive forum community at no extra cost. To do this effectively I’ve taken on employees.

However, these are not the only changes.

  • As of the 01/01/2015, we’ve had to pay VAT to all European member states individually, based on the consumer location (up to 27%).
  • We absorbed this loss and did not increase prices.


  • HMRC have taken their chunk via value-added tax on UK sales (20%).
  • We absorbed this loss and did not increase prices.


  • HMRC have hit us with ‘Making Tax Digital’. In short, this means more work, additional software requirement and increased accounting costs.

Note: all of these are in addition to standard running cost and taxes.

The Changes:

As a result of these ever-growing expenses, reluctantly, I have to increase some of our prices.

Price increases will take place on the 1st of January 2020. 

I’ve chosen to give existing followers a headstart by doing this as I really don’t want the increase myself. Regardless of my success, I feel it’s important to keep things real, thus the sharing of this post. I can’t be more open than that.

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Even with the new structure, we intend to remain competitively priced and continually update and improve the existing products (for all users at no extra cost).

Some previous updates: Update 1 – Update 2 – Update 3 – Update 4Update 5

4 thoughts on “Product Pricing Changes in 2020

  1. HI Caan,

    You have to do what you have to do!

    We all have to pay VAT on nearly every other product we purchase, so now you have reached that threshold and have to charge it too, well no one can grumble about it.

    Your work & products, which I would recommend to anybody and can vouch for, are great value and they still will be even with a price increase. Anyone who got in early (like myself) at cheaper prices and paid no VAT was just lucky! There is plenty of good advise on offer, which make your products easily pay for themselves!

    Please could you confirm, will there be any changes to exist customers for future updates, etc?

    Personally, as an existing customer, I would be happy to pay a bit more for more regular updates.

    All the best.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jay. I appreciate it. The VAT come about a while back, we just took the hit instead of passing it on… unfortunately we can’t keep doing that!

      No, there are no plans to charge existing customers more. Updates are inclusive and we’ll continue with the steady trickle 🙂

  2. No worries, i’m 100% sincere too they really are quality products!

    I don’t want to give anything away about the video pack but I can confirm that just one of the videos in the pack, opened my eyes up to something which just by itself has earned me the cost of the whole pack many times over. My only regret is not purchasing sooner.

    Free upgrades to continue in the future too – who can argue!

  3. I feel your pain Caan! I got stung by mr taxman recently, dividend tax, new changes to vat, stamp duty! its made me a little bitter to be honest its like they dont want people doing well.

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