[FORUM RULES] Read First!

[FORUM RULES] Read First!

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      Welcome to the most specialist sports trading forum on the web!

      We don’t have many rules, but the ones we do are here to be kept. Please ensure that you adhere to them at all times, failure to do so may result in forum access being revoked, without warning.

      Basic Rules:

      1. Respect Others – premium payer or newbie, discussion is healthy, abusing others is not.
      2. No Spam – no links or advertisements of products/websites/platforms unless prior approved (including YouTube).
      3. Inappropriate Material – We’re all adults, it’s not required here.
      4. Using the Forum – It’s a private forum so that users may share and benefit from eachother. Encouraging others to leave the community and obtain private details will not be tollerated.

      To re-iterate; we’ve added this forum for the benefit of all invited as an extra. We’re not here to put down other services or products (even if they do it) and would prefer the forum is kept to trading talk.

      The forum operates in English and asks users to avoid posting in capitals.

      Please play nice and enjoy…

      Support Staff

      Support Staff

        Extra: We have a few moderators already, if you would like to volunteer please email support.

        p.s. please do not comment on this thread.

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        You can host images here for free: http://tinypic.com/

        The URL should only contain the web address and no code. Example: “http://tinypic.com/exampleimage”

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