Where’s all the money?

Ok, so after dusting myself off from the recent disaster and reloading with my overdraft its been one nightmare after another… due to expenses i’ve had to fork out for i’ve had to slowly remove chunks of my trading bank… hard times! currently im down to a pesky little bank merely a fraction of what i’d usually operate with, its really quite deperessing constantly trying to snatch a few ticks at a 50p a pop and i cant help but feel today in particular i’ve been bullied and violated by bigger traders with their dirty great banks ripping away my dosh and refusing to give it back any closer than 2 ticks away, at one point today i sat back and just had to laugh as i knew what was happening but could do sod all about it… much like playing streetifighter as a kid, no matter what you do or how you do it, its simply not good enough and cruely your openents dont give a s***, if you can imagine thats me their below in red about to give one of the ‘bigger boys’ a couple more quid….. hadoken, hadoken, hadoken….. if we’d been in the same room id most definately ripped the controller from their hands and twated them in the head with it, hope the api went down when they were half way through some of their bully tactics!!

On the plus side the behavioural changes i’ve implemented seem to be going down a treat, without them i feel today especially i would have not come out on top… maybe it was just a dificult day because their was little ‘real’ money. Hey Ho start again next week as i wont have the chance to trade again this week.

4 thoughts on “Where’s all the money?

  1. You need to have a lot more patience and belief in your calls with a small bank. It’s easy to bully traders into closing short term but traders can only manipulate for a short period and the market will always revert back to where it should be in relation to the SP

  2. Your completely right there anon… i tonight i proved it to myself although im not comfortable uping the stakes untill i’ve got a bigger bank.. using 50% of the bank half the time is not wise

  3. Whilst you’ve got a full time job the amount you’re taking from the markets shouldn’t be a problem so don’t worry about bank sizes or the actual amount you win per market just look at winning for now.

    You’ve got to conquer this chase mentality before you even consider going FT. Admitting it in the earlier post in the blog is a bigger step than you think so at least you’re on the right direction. But, and it’s a big but, you’ve got to stop looking at things in such a short time frame as in a race/day’s pnl. You’ve got the potential to make a decent living at this game but unless you get a grip on that chase mentality and start accepting those losses, big or small, you’re always gonna fucked over by people who will accept the inevitable losses.

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