Goodwood Gold-Dust!

Trading Goodwood…

Trading Goodwood

I really enjoyed Goodwood this year, more-so than last. But why?

This year I think channel 4 focused on the racing a little more, coverage felt a bit smoother. It may have just been my own perception, but it felt as though it transferred into the market. Scalping felt pretty effortless, particularly in the final seconds.

Last year I seem to remember there was endless walls of unmatched cash throughout the festival. This year was similar although there seemed to be a few more openings. I’m not sure why that could be. Possibly liquidity was up? Possibly big automaton is down? Or maybe some of the big players resided in Portugal?! Who knows, either way I was happy about it!

In comparison to others, Goodwood doesn’t really qualify as one of the ‘big’ meetings. Ascot and Cheltenham bring far more liquidity, than a usual weeks racing. In the past I have had both hit and miss results at Goodwood. Going at it like a ‘big’ meeting can end in tears, it’s best not to over-hype the situation.

Filler Racing

Galway provided a few decent opportunities as well. The Irish cards can provide a nice little boost at times, as they did this week. Although I find if I’m feeling a bit run-down or slightly unfocused, they’ll be the ones to sting me. Particularly if trading too early, I guess it’s just down to the liquidity…

I often refer to the Irish and low quality AW racing as ‘Filler Cards’. That’s all they are most of the time. It’s important not to get sucked into the trap of over-trading in them. When a larger than normal meeting is on it’s even more dangerous. The natural impulse is to go from a good trading opportunity to a bad one and treat them the same. Don’t do it!


I had a look at Betdaq this week too, although decided to focus my attention on Betfair. Betdaq still doesn’t posses enough liquidity to jump ship, hopefully they’ll get their finger out this year. Although I’d imagine it’s quite unlikely, even with Betfair’s assistance in trying to forget about the exchange… in my opinion the general public just don’t really get it still.

All in all it’s been a good weeks trading. Keeping so busy has meant it’s flown by, much like I said in a post last month. 

How did you get on this week? Notice much of a difference in comparison to last year?

3 thoughts on “Goodwood Gold-Dust!

  1. Well done Caan.

    An average sort of week for me, I’ve never found a strategy to beat the big meetings, so unsurprisingly Goodwood was a loser for me. My cash came from the support meetings,

    cheers, Alan

    1. Hi Alan,

      It’s often tricky to deal with a different style of meeting when your used to something else. If you read back far enough, you’ll see I had the same problem. Over time im sure it’ll change!

  2. Caan,

    Great blog and posts. I love reading them and have the manual plus all the pre race videos which I watch over and over again, I find they help refresh my confidence and I am always finding new ideas.
    I work full time but trade in the evenings and its funny that I am making profits every night especially with the poor liquidity it seems Ok and something I am dealing with. However on my days off when I trade during the day I am struggling to make money! As you so every market and occasion is different and trading the same way in the afternoon and evening ( for me anyway) is not good.
    I certainly need to brush up on my afternoon trading. By the way are you adding extra videos to the pre race ones at all, or is there a new pack coming out?

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