Happy New Year – make it a front-running one? Back-to-Lay!

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Here’s to an incredibly green 2015….

New Years day (providing all the racing goes ahead) these are a few front-running notifications and notes:

1.40 – Straidnahanna has been profitable in the past although this time the race is lined up with several others keen to be up the front, probably best watched unless it appears to be gifted a lead at the start.
2.50 – Quicuyo – likely to lead, only front-runner in the race historically, probably the 2nd best option of the afternoon.

12.45 – Cadeau George contested pace although a fairly consistent leader.
1.20 – Little Jon/Urban Hymn are two keen types that like to lead, had one or the other not been in the race its likely to have been a decent back to lay selection.
1.55 – Champion Court contested race mainly by Spash Of Ginge, again worth looking at the horses behaviour at the start.
2.30 – Southfield Vic usually up there with the pace.
3.05 – Cole Harden – reliable, little pace in race aswell makes this a bonus selection. Hopefully the race goes off smoothly without any others overlapping it. Cole Harden has brought some hefty greens in the past through front-running. Looks to be the main choice for the day.

12.25 – Amirli most likely to go forward-looking at the race, look for competition.
1.00 – Cloudante little competition in this race and has a decent chance of being given the lead.
1.35 – Witness In Court contested Shadrack and maybe one other although usually another reliable one to keep note of.


 Racing on new years day

So as is every new years day there will be a huge amount of racing scheduled. Depending on your preferred methods of trading that may be a good or bad thing. Personally I don’t really mind it providing everything runs smoothly. If however there are any incidents causing large delays or overlaps on the racing it can get a bit crazy so may be best to look at the cards before you start and cherry pick the racing that you think will suit you best and just skip the others out if needs be! Quality is always better than quantity. Keeping your mindset strait is an absolute must on these sort of days as it comes fast race after race, getting in a bit of a sulk for whatever reason will only end badly.

The Back to Lay notes above are  part of my notifications I keep, on the whole there are quite a few front-runners today although the trouble being they are generally in the same races which isn’t ideal, we don’t want competition for the lead. The best few from the initial outlook are definitely the 3.05, 2.50 and 12.25 races although it’s always best to look into it deeper before parting with your hard-earned cash! Keeping results consistent even if that means missing some opportunities out isn’t a bad thing… in my eyes its better to have not won than to have significantly risked losing.

If you’re not already familiar with the Back-to-Lay Betfair trading strategy then there is a video clip here.

Good luck!!! and Happy New Year!

P.S. Don’t attempt to trade if your still drunk or have a heavy hangover! (it will end in tears)

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