Football Statistics: How Good is FootyStats?

FootyStats data

Using the right football statistics is a key factor to being profitable long term, be it for football trading or betting.

FootyStats is one of my favourite websites to use when researching football stats.

It has a huge amount of helpful info, but what I really like about the site is that it focuses more on what’s important from a trading point of view. You have two ways of researching stats using FootyStats; break them down by the individual team stats or research by the league.

I usually opt for the league, for example, the market BTTS (Both Teams To Score) is a market that interests me – with my focus being only on the leagues Betfair offer.

Advantages Of Using FootyStats:

Here’s a top-level screenshot of the Premier League data that Footystats provides.

Football Stats League Table

Some of my favourite stats to use when trading the goals market are:

  • xG (Expected Goals)
  • BTTS (Both Teams To Score)
  • Clean Sheet Percentage
  • Time Of Goals
  • ELO Ratings
  • Home & Away Form
  • Average Goal Time

Depending on what market you are trading, some stats are more important than others. Apart from all those stats, I like the percentage feature of over 1.5 and 2.5 goals that FootyStats have in the League table. Something that strikes me looking at the screenshot is Man City have a really low percentage of over 2.5 goals this season.

That’s not something the average football fan would have guessed. City’s xG has been very impressive lately, and they will easily win the title – I think most fans of xG thought that last month!

Another nice feature is a wealth of corners and cards. There are plenty of betting and trading angles on those markets. You have to upgrade to access these stats, along with more advanced searches like H2H and team data. If you’re a serious sports bettor and like betting outside the top leagues, the Premium Service is something to consider looking at.

Finding the Best FootyStats Data:

There are so many stats thrown out in the mainstream media, and most of them used on the likes of Sky Sports and BT Sport are pretty useless for traders. For example; effectively trading the over/under 1.5 goals market centres around time – not particularly relevant to Wolves losing their last five away games.

That’s why I like to focus on the Time Of Goals (Goals 10 minutes and 15 minutes), both scored and conceded. Let’s take a look at Leicester this season:

Leicester Goals

Let’s look at the above chart and focus on it from a trading point of view.

You don’t want to be scalping under goals during the 21-30 period as there is high activity for goals. Looking at the chart, the best time to scalp under with Leicester in the first half could be either 11-20 or 31-40. The 31-40 time slot might be better because we should see faster time decay than 11-20; but both look ok. The second-half tactic looks obvious here – the 61-70 window. Of course, you have to take account of the other team and assess their charts too – but you can see the point in relation to trading strategy.

The average football fan would probably look at betting over the full 90 minutes, but as traders, we don’t need to be in the market that long. We’re just looking for a small section of value within the game and exploiting that. That’s all – keep it simple.

Let’s look at another graph, from Leicester again:

FootyStats Leicester

These percentages are a nice graphic to show when they have scored; at home or away. The second-half stats can be important, but because Betfair offers over/under 0.5 first-half goals – the first-half stats are more important. You could catch a nice back of over 0.5 first-half goals when time decay kicks in if there hasn’t been an early goal. As you can see, it lands 91% of the time with Leicester. Useful research when considering which football trading strategy to use.

There are a handful of stats sites I like for football trading, but this one is up there. Being able to drill down into the right areas fast is a massive benefit when there are a lot of games on and time is short.

You can check out the free and premium options by clicking here.

Is Footystats Premium Account Worth The Money?

Can a Footystats premium account give you an edge in your football betting and trading?

Nice endorsement from Michael Owen but I can’t imagine he is really diving into the statistics and building football betting systems to take money off the bookmakers and profiting from Betfair. So let’s take a look at what is on offer.

The premium tier of Footystats costs £19.99 and unlocks access to a huge amount of competitions around the world. Alongside detailed stats on corners and cards. These markets are usually much softer than match odds markets, which means that even using basic statistics can give you an edge.

By joining the premium Footystats you find the following stats –

  • Corners per match
  • Over under corners per match
  • H2H corner comparisons
  • Home and away corner stats
  • Yellow and Red card statistics

Another edge that can you can find when using Footystats is detailed statistics on lesser-known leagues. These markets don’t have the huge amount of money bet on them in comparison to the likes of the Premier League, Serie A and Bundesliga have.

This means that big betting syndicates ignore them and there is usually huge value to be found. Lesser-known leagues can offer very profitable value bets!

  • Hong Kong
  • Malta
  • Singapore
  • Costa Rica
  • Andorra
  • Tunisia
  • Vietnam

These are a few of the leagues that Footystats Premium offers detailed insights into.

Overall they offer statistics for over 1500+ football competitions. This means that you can uncover golden betting strategies with the football statistics on offer that most football bettors will miss. Subscribing to Footystats premium can certainly help you find an additional edge in the betting and trading markets. If you have access to the likes of Bet365 and Unibet, betting on these smaller markets can be a source of profit.

However, if you are looking to profit from the betting exchanges. Having the right information at your fingertips won’t automatically make you a successful trader. You still need to understand the market!

This is why we’ve put together a comprehensive football trading course. It’s been built in a structured and progressive manner, offering a wide range of video lessons, tutorials and checklists. Full details can be found on the related link below.

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2 thoughts on “Football Statistics: How Good is FootyStats?

  1. Hello Caan, what do you think about how matched money on Betfair show the direction of the game … for example in Football if a good team is layed hard is a big chance to loose the match…so, I think this is a pattern…when favourites are layed hard , they are loosing big. maybe someone knows those games or are fixed matches, what is your opinion about this? I use this strategy to predict a win or lose and it works.

  2. Hi Caan, hope all is well with you & hope you have had a fruitful weekend… I love what you do & also the idea of trading. I watch your videos from time to time & enjoy what you talk about .. I seem to go through stages & I can totally see that if you have the right mentality & discipline it can work.. Truth be told my man, I’ve been at it on & off for a few years & I just haven’t managed to get the perfect blend of these two factors yet… I’m back again, although took a bit of a hit today but still have a little money left in the Betfair account.. Right now my biggest weakness is I get to emotionally involved… I am after your help though… I’ve been trying to locate this myself but I could be longer ping forever…!! Watching one of your videos a long time time ago you used a bit of software where you analysed games before kick off to see where for example the best opportunity of over 1.5 would be.. There was a filter & you’d put in over 1.5 & it would show the most likely games.. I hope you remember & I was hoping you could tell me what it was called so in an have a look.. Take care, keep doing what you’re doing & good luck sir, maybe I’ll grab one if your paid course soon, I just want to be at a basic level before hand so I can understand all the terminology etc…

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