In running… back to lay!

Last updated December 8th, 2016

Hellloooo all, in running trading hey? the devil?? well yes for most its the absolute devil, myself included in the past although ive found myself getting a little bored filling the gaps of late with liquidity being a bit lower and its not always safe to enter in my opinion, so i’ve found its a little helpful if i dabble in running with minimum stakes on the previous race to keep me occupied!!
Well it started like that, although im still using no more than £2 at a time or maybe my PR green if im confident. It does seem rather addictive though, the best race ive had i managed a whoping £7 profit extra in running off a £2 stake although as you can imagine i must of put it through a good 4 or 5 times and been a little lucky.

Its safe to say i’ve got a bit of a taste for it now and although only adding a couple of quid to my daily totals its a double bonus as it stops me getting stuck in too early pre race. Over the winter its gonna be something i focus on along with a little footie trading to keep me topped up…. the one thing i have noticed though is over the net theirs not really any advice on inplay trading which seems a shame, its a bit crazy but if i keep the stakes small i cant go far wrong backing first anyway!
Its quite nice to not be on the ‘oh shit’ side of those frantic moves with ya bank riding on it at times!! seems like so long ago now although i feel im well over it and safe to be playing in running! open to advice if any inrunning players reading! I find the 7f and less races hardest at the moment.

Having just read Mets blog i seen a link to a christmas blog…. even though its months away, looking forward to see how that pans out. Havent a clue whos behind it… santa apparently, first set of results look promising though!

2 thoughts on “In running… back to lay!

  1. Hi mate,

    I trade in-running for a living and sprints are the toughest as it all happens too quickly, especially those on ATR where the on-track boys can pile in and settle things very quickly. Backing to lay is a safer option (I lay to back 95% of the time) but I limit liability on the Toy so I’m never over-exposed.

    Have a read of my blog if you get chance!


  2. good blog there Mark,.. thanks for sharing. I am still learning the ropes with in-running trading. I’m in a routine of being able to earn lots and then lose it all by the end of the day. I’ve been more successful with US racing , except bear in mind after 1am the liquidity can drop right off and then the market behaves completely differently. The If you’re looking at a good position and thinking of hedging, do it!! All too often, i’ve seen a lovely exit point and then in seconds its gone because the money has chased up the ladder further, being there is less of it…. I’ve had one good session in the last two months at start of August where I was getting nearly (or over) 100% ROi,… that masks the 12 months i’ve spent and lots lost, learning.

    [currently listening to… if you like a bit of drum n bass, chillout style…:] cud even work for background trading tunes!

    RoN 🙂

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