January…. well at least thats out the way! After the obvious disaster in the second week i suppose it could have been worse, again i caught a decent chunk of todays card but managed to cock it all up leaving me £25 down… im not too worried though as i know why, a mixture of obvious problems.. no time to prep, jumping in feeling as though i’d missed out and trying to seal the deal for some fast money… all the fast way to the poor house.

Overall the result was ok given the fact i blew nearly a grand on the 11th, looking on the posative side of things i haven’t had the urge to even go close to going IR since and have had far bigger losses in a single race… as long as that continues there’ll be some money to collect at the end of feb!

Looking forward….

Febuary’s a fresh start in my mind and the banks just about at a workable size as far as im concerned, just really hoping i get the time this month to put in some full days and have time prior to get ready chill out etc…. this is a constant problem i face as often days will be like today, i finished work early (1pm) rushed home… shattered from work (physical trainning instructor) and sit down and get stuck in before i’ve even stopped sweating. Its madness i know but when its a couple of hours to trade of which i may only get 2 or 3 opportunities in the week i suppose im pressurising myself, but what can i do? if i dont have time to trade i’ll never make any money!!

I was thinking earlier today also trading and state of mind are all linked to physical wellbeing, my problem when i trade if i have a bit of a loss i get angry which is probably to be honest the worst reaction. That in-mind im going to start febuary with a new fitness regime fitting in as many weights sessions as i can 1. to shape up and 2. to see if i can take the sting out of this anger/aggression. Worth a try i suppose!

Also thanks to anon for taking time to post a comment, i think i’ve been putting off having pics far too long. The feeds online are no use to me as it slows my connection to the point where it slows the API unfortunately, the joys of living in the arse end of the world.

Hopefully the next post will be alot more posative!

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  1. Interesting blog, I have seen so many screen shots on various blogs now and it would seem no one ever does well on the dogs, I myself lost a rather large amount trying to trade on them :s

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