Not So Glorious Goodwood

Hi all, nearing the end of the month now but thought I’d pop in a short post prior to the months overview……

Not so Glorious Goodwood for me

Well of all people I should be aware of how dangerous expectations can be.

This week I expected Goodwood to be a little like Ascot. But quite simply I don’t think it is….

All the hype but the fill rate considering its supposed to one of the ‘big weeks’ so far I’ve found it appalling? Maybe its me trying to be a little bit big for my boots, playing with oversized stakes.

I’m not really sure it could be to do with the 60% debacle and Betfair seeding the markets I don’t know. Either way, I cant say I’m enjoying it yet. Today was middle of the road but yesterday it was a case of 3 steps forward and 2 back. Quite amazingly I managed to put almost 60k thought the markets and only emerged with £17 profit. This leaves me thinking I’m not quite sure how the likes of Peter Webb, Adam Heathcote etc can make such massive amounts in a single race. I mean they must be using stakes similar to I have attempted over the last couple of days but on usual races where the flow and liquidity is far smaller…

Surely they must find themselves in some positions where it goes wrong and their stake is nearly impossible to get out? On a brighter note though I must say though Frankel’s performance today was rather impressive. I shouldn’t moan as it beats grafting for a living I suppose.

I’d be interested to hear what others have thought of the markets over the course of the week, don’t seem to feel quite right to me.

3 thoughts on “Not So Glorious Goodwood

  1. Found Goodwood to be very profitable so far. Markets seem a lot thinner, especially early on, but that’s been working to my favour as a lot of traders are clambering to get out at any cost whereas last week the money would have been there for them to close.

    I think there’s less manipulation at the moment but that’s actually giving rise to larger movements within the markets. Could be due to some PC market makers moving to betdaq but you can be sure that manipulation will be back soon enough once people get a bit more confidence in the ‘new’ markets and how far they can push things.

    Don’t overstretch yourself during Goodwood there’s plenty of races to get thru, it’s more important waiting for those opportunities then strike than how much you churn over.

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