Sports Trading Journey: Bucket List… What’s yours?

What’s the point in this sports trading journey without some rewards?Sports Trading Journey List

Sports trading journey? it’s not all about boring numbers! (alternative post).

I haven’t posted about it for a while but trading Betfair’s always been as much of a mental game to me as it has analytical. Controlling my own behaviour and emotions are extremely important.

In the heat of the moment things can turn a profit into a loss, a win into a scratch or an opportunity into absolutely nothing… keeping disciplined and control on your behaviour is key. But how?

I guess it’s probably different for everyone, but I try to keep myself motivated through little rewards these days. It keeps things interesting too!

I learnt a long time ago; it’s important to get your kicks from spending the cash, not earning it.

My Sports Trading Journey Bucket List…

Everyone’s sports trading journey is different. Having large aspirations and a list of goals works quite well for me. It’s a bit cliché but how can you rate your progress without a clear set of ‘to do’s’?

For some time I’ve been cultivating a list and crossing things off. I like to keep the list with those crossed off as a reminder of progress…

Here’s my list (I fully intend to achieve all of them). Some I’m closer to ticking off than others!

  • Snowboard in the French alps.
  • Surf in Hawaaii.
  • New year in Times Square NYC.
  • Visit; Maldives, Iceland (Blue Lagoon), Australia, Paris, California, Bahamas.
  • Complete a lap of the Nurburgring.
  • Trek to Machu Picchu.
  • Attend the Cheltenham Festival.
  • Buy a Porsche Cayman GTS or similar (I test-drove the Boxster S below this week).
  • Take the kids to Disneyland Florida.
  • See a TED talk, live.
  • Run the London marathon for charity.
  • Walk along the great wall of China.
  • Be able to retire at 35.

Sports Trading Journey Motivation

You can see travel is probably the most important thing to me. Having a clear-cut list of goals keeps me focused at times, without them things can become a little boring. After-all watching numbers every day isn’t the most exciting thing on earth (okay, watching sport makes it a bit better!).

Aside from the list, a consistent goal I have is to increase my income every year. It’s not the most important but it certainly helps me achieve some of the others faster! For those of you just starting out on your sports trading journey;

What would go on your list?

Comment below!

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15 thoughts on “Sports Trading Journey: Bucket List… What’s yours?

  1. Night with miss South America
    Run with bulls in Pamplona
    One fight in the ring
    Leave the 9-5
    Motorbike across South America

  2. BMW M4
    Take the missus to Las Vegas or New York Flying 1st class
    Deposit on a new house
    Retire or be able to retire at 45
    Season ticket at Anfield
    Holiday appartment on golf resort in Spain

  3. Being on this full time
    Audi A5 Cabrio
    Retire when I feel thats the right time
    Run a big business
    Go to New York, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, and some paradisiacal places
    House with garden and pool
    and maybe more Investments…
    Being my own boss 4ever
    and just a lil bit more of Freedom!

    It’s not about the Money, but the Lifestyle.

  4. When I was 25 I wanted the flash cars and the money. Now having the freedom to do as I please on a daily basis (business, share trading mainly) and being 50 years old, priorities change and I really cannot stress how much the simple things in life give so much pleasure. I spent an hour today in the garden watching the bees buzz around the lavender hedge, with a cup of tea and was more than happy. Boring b*stard I know I am !

    That being said a night with Miss South America sounds fantastic, although I may be asleep before she has taken her coat off.

    1. Not at all Steve. That is perhaps my ultimate goal ; financial freedom to just be. I don’t need a lot to live, just the means to make some when I need to. Tried financials in my 20s but couldn’t give it the time it needed…

  5. Caan, so you want to retire @35.

    Means you won’t trade after 35 years. Working from home is like we are retired already and enjoying life.

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