Testing the Water….

The last week or so I’ve been thinking about in-play trading.

Although its completely against my code of trading I was thinking picking a few Back to lay selections each day could be worth the while. Particularly if I can DOB (Double or Bust) them…


Now first things first, this is something that needs to be kept simple!

Once a market goes live things move way to fast to be indecisive. So for now I’m going to record all results and use £5 stake.

One entry, one exit for the selections.  I’m focusing solely on front-runners I can identify the evening before using time-form and the like. So far I’ve had a look at this and picked some massive moves. But not had any cash in there, sod’s law.

How’s it going to work?

First ill pick the selections being rather selective. Ill have a look at my selection pre-race… just to check it’s on its toes etc raring to go as front-runners are usually the jittery type. Then I’ll either get my back in pre-race or immediately after the stalls break (ill be doing flat racing only) with the view of leaving my exit at half the price I entered unless there are complications. If I don’t think there is value, the horse isn’t up for it or misses the break if I leave it that. Ill simply not place the back.

Worst case it doesn’t hit the front and I try to exit for smallest loss, worst case £5. I’ll update how it goes at some point in the future! Wish me luck!

Tomorrow I have 2 choices;

(18:30) Independant Girl
(16.10) Pertemps Networks

Also thanks for all the feedback and comments, it’s reassuring to know others have similar issues and problems. Feedback’s always appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Testing the Water….

  1. Wish you well with this.

    BTL in running is my main type of betting on horses, i have been doing it for some time now and have a decent level of success.

    You appear to be on the right track with your selection methods and running style is on eof my major selection criteria.

    I also look for recent runs (fitness) and experience at the type of race, i.e if a horse has only run on the AW it doesn’t mean that it will translate that form to Turf and vise a versa.
    I also mainly focus on sprint handicaps with maybe the odd 7f or 1 mile thrown in.

    Good luck and keep us updated with your progress.

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