My 5 Best Betfair Trading Books to Read…

Betfair Trading Books worth reading

There isn’t much in the way of Betfair trading books (specifically I mean).

Probably because it’s such a small niche. Obviously, there’s the trading guide, but other than that it becomes tricky.

There are plenty of books outside of betting exchanges to read though. Many of them will still really help progress and get you thinking down the right routes.

Updated: New Betfair Trading Book Release…

PaperBack Betfair Trading Made SimpleRecently released, a simple and compact paperback book for any new traders. Designed for those at entry level it’s a must-read if you’re just getting started. The book works from the ground up, starting with simple concepts such as how money is made in betting, and the basics of placing a trade and then moves on to more in-depth thinking.

You can pick it up on Amazon in paperback or Kindle format.

Feel free to check it out here on this link.

Here’s another 5 trading books that I found useful:

#1 – Trading In The Zone

It had to be number 1, didn’t it?

I would go as far as to say, that this book was life-changing for me. Especially after I had read it a couple of times. It’s more about your own mindset, attitude and interactions with trading than anything else, the important part.

You’ll find useful angles to think about that can be used directly in the market inside, but it focuses mainly on your mentality. For me this was a massive turning point. As I learnt to embrace the fact that consistent results are largely, a product of my behaviour, progress accelerated. Understanding myself also gave me a lot more confidence in what I was doing.

This book will help anyone Betfair trading and comes with a very high recommendation from me, no matter what level you’re at.

Author: Mark Douglas
Amazon: Trading in the Zone

#2 – Thinking Fast and Slow

As one of the reviews said…

Buy it fast, read it slowly. It will change the way you think

I’d agree with that. The only thing that really separates those who really succeed and don’t is the way they think. Daniel Kahneman has one of those minds, not surprising he’s a Nobel Prize winner.

This book is all about perception, how the human mind works and the decision-making processes taken.

In a nutshell, what are the pro’s and con’s of fast intuitive and emotional decisions versus the slower, logical, deliberate approach?

Thinking fast and slow

Seeing the biases that exist in human decision-making could even lead to finding your next edge. There’s a thought…

It’s easy to see why, although this isn’t a Betfair trading book it’s an ideal place to learn from. I’m sure it could, and has, been of great use to many traders regardless of medium.

Author: Daniel Kahneman
Amazon: Thinking Fast and Slow

#3 – Zen and the Art of Poker

What’s trading got to do with poker? or zen?

You’d be surprised how well they all link together. Poker requires the same discipline and self-control you see in trading.

I’ve known of quite a few poker players to find success on the exchanges too, you may have seen this article where one of the large traders come from a poker background. As far as Betfair trading books go this is packed with wisdom and discipline that’ll relate directly to the markets. How you feel and what you do…

The book was suggested to me by Matt P last year at a Betdaq function. My only regret is not finding it earlier!

If you’ve any kind of interest in poker too, it makes it a no-brainer.

Author: Larry Phillips
Amazon: Zen and the Art of Poker

#4 – Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

The most famous book on my list?

This trading book is a fictionalised account of Jesse Livermore, a famous securities trader. It’s an older book that’s been re-written several times but will always offer a great insight to aspiring traders. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it’s rammed with trading wisdom and straight to the point.

Personally, I like to focus on those that have ‘been there and done it’. This is one of those books as Livermore started out in the bucket shops working his way up the ladder (no pun intended). Eventually, he ended up making markets, manipulating them and working on Wall Street. On the way he managed to see the boom and bust cycle through several times making and losing everything he had before making it again…

A cracker to reflect on and think about how similar situations work out in Betfair’s markets.

Author: Edwin Lefèvre
Biography: Jesse Livermore
Amazon: Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

#5 – Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders

A little different to the rest, as the name suggests.

I’ve read a couple of the Market Wizards books although this was the most interesting for me. Understanding these top traders, how their minds operate, what’s important to them and how they perceive things is both useful and interesting. One of the most interesting is Jessy Livermore (see previous book) an extremely successful trader.

Within the book, there’s also some good stories and inspirational quotes. If you’re serious about trading then it’s a good one.

For me I found a lot of value through some of the massive success stories coming back from the brink of failure. It shows how one of the key attributes to winning longer-term is to never give up…

Author: Jack D. Schwager
Amazon: Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders


I’ve read quite a few others too if you’ve been through these already, however these seem to be a cut above the rest. As I said there aren’t any Betfair trading books or real interest out there just now, with it being such a small segment of betting online it’s not surprising. In any case, most of the mind-blowing stories come out well after… just look at Flash Boys.

If you’re setting out on your Betfair mission just now though the advice is to read them all, maybe more than once. I know the second and third times I read trading in the zone I walked away with a lot more.

I’ve no doubt this post will be an asset to anyone learning, if you agree feel free to share it around using the buttons below!

Not got it? You can pick up a copy of the pre-race trading guide here

7 thoughts on “My 5 Best Betfair Trading Books to Read…

  1. Thanks, Caan. Had found a couple of these myself but will definitely seek out the others. Would also highly recommend Adam H Grimes’s ‘The Art and Science of Technical Analysis’ for his description of basic market patterns. He is also very strong on the psychology of trading, with particular emphasis on the development of intuition. Much of the content of his monumental book is provided free in an online trading course at It is of course directed at financial market traders, but there is much that is useful to sports exchange operators.

  2. Hi Caan, thabks for these recommendations. Would you say that trading in the zone is audio book worthy? Or are there things in it that would make it better to have as a readable book?

    1. There is a 4 part video series on you tube called. Mark Douglas Stock Trading Psychology Seminar – Think like a professional trader.

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