5 Betfair Trading Videos to Learn From in 2020

5 best betfair trading videos

There are heaps of Betfair trading videos out there now, but which ones are best?

Having been trading Betfair full-time for so long now there’s been a bit of content created (almost 10 years worth).

Sometimes the ‘golden nuggets’ get lost amongst recent updates. So here’s a quick post to bring 5 of the best Betfair trading videos on YouTube back to life. I say on YouTube because the very best content is reserved for the Video Pack Course.


Mindset or Strategy?

First up, this has to be the most under-rated Betfair trading video there is in the public domain.

Your own personal mindset/psychology is a massive issue. It can really help your trading out, or it can completely screw you over. Ignoring the issue altogether is foolish.

I made one of my biggest jumps forward after spending a considerable amount of time and energy on myself. Investing in yourself in this area is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Watch it all, over and over if you must…

A Big Characteristic:

If there’s people, there’s support and resistance. Its another expression of psychology, through the betting markets.

A slightly more interesting video than most. In some ways, it shows a little into the way I think…

If you’re interested in the course products we offer, you’ll see more videos like the one above. Just with a bit more detail.

Stealing Ticks (Low Stress)

Next is a favourite of many readers. The reason is simple; the strategy employed isn’t complicated.

Like most successful trading, the method isn’t that difficult, it’s making sure you do it at the right time and in the right place. And as this Betfair trading video shows – making sure you avoid the wrong trades.

Winning With Long-Term Movement (+£102)

A slightly older one, but popular for obvious reasons.

Some say I shouldn’t share a video like this on YouTube with all the race credentials showing as others could go back and try to reverse-work why I was doing what I was doing. However, it doesn’t bother me. There’s a lot of time and experience gone into perfecting this approach.

Marketplace Ebb & Flow…

If you want to trade pre-race, you’ll have to understand order-flows. All sentiment-based markets are built around it, it’s the bread and butter of any horse racing trader for sure. Make sure you check it out this Betfair trading video!

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Betfair Traders EventBonus Video

From the Official Betfair Traders Event earlier this year.

Click the image to play!

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