How To Trade Greyhounds On Betfair, Easy Money? [VIDEO POST]

How To Trade Greyhounds On Betfair

How To Trade Greyhounds on Betfair: An Easy Greyhound Trading Strategy…

Everyone wants easy money, right? Apparently not.

Knowing what to look at and, what to trust is often the hard part when watching a betting market. Greyhound markets are similar to horse racing in many ways. The main difference is betting volume and when the market comes alive.

Just recently televised coverage has gone through a few changes for the greyhound markets, meaning there’s a bit more interest. And MONEY!

With more money being matched on the races there’s always going to be some added opportunity. Having a look at the schedules on the racing post will help you find the best ones to trade.

I’ve had a little dabble this week of a morning by way of a change, the feel is a little different to past greyhound markets which are quite pleasing, although unfortunately, they’re still not as scalable as the horse racing. On a more positive note, there are nearly twice the amount of greyhound races each day.

Either way, for a couple of quid a race it can be easy money…

Approaching the markets like this will allow you to do the same, but make sure you stick to the criteria!

How To Trade Greyhounds On Betfair: Video Strategy

For anyone who’s not familiar with the concept of trading on Betfair, see the image below;

To achieve the £2.23 on each dog (before the start) there are two bets matched against each other.

Look at the matched bets on the right-hand side of the image.

Profit minus Liability = 2.24

Backers Stake minus Stake = 2.23 (there’s a penny difference as the software could not create an exactly even outcome, due to the odds increments.)

How To Trade Greyhounds On Betfair 2

If you didn’t quite get the explanation above the image, here are the actual numbers:

Profit @ £61.60 minus Liability @ £59.36 = £2.24.

Backers Stake @ £24.23 minus Stake @ £22 = £2.23.

That makes sense, right?

Greyhounds Trading Strategy: The Method…

You’ll see I’ve taken this approach within the video above, but a simplistic way of describing the greyhounds trading strategy goes like this:

  1. Await market liquidity and activity (around 3 minutes before the official race time)
  2. Identify money falling into the betting market where there is bias in one direction
  3. Place advantageous back and lay bets well outside of the price so you have an early betting position
  4. Back, or lay, depending on Betfair momentum as the price nears your already positioned exit bet

Once one side of your greyhound trade is open, it’s then a question of assessing the market momentum in relation to the time before the start of the race. Is it continuing to develop in your favour?

If not, you need to cancel your position by hedging (even if it means a small loss). However, if things are going smoothly – wait for your exit to be matched.

Finally, any hedging or tidying up of your profit or loss position can be done afterwards. The best greyhound models on Betfair leave automated prices outside of the range and continuously do this. As explained in the video, it’s all about that final window of opportunity when liquidity comes.

Warning: The Downside

Quality is always better than quantity (meaning the races on offer).

So although there are thousands of greyhound races each month, you may want to be selective. For example, I find Swindon greyhound markets to be very bleak. There’s money within them, and some potential moves although nothing compared to the likes of Romford or Nottingham. The time of day comes into calculations as well.

Approaching a greyhound market in the wrong manner can end in disaster. Mainly because if you need to exit a position and there’s no money on offer, it’s going to hurt.

Risk management is always the first thing on my mind, which is why the daily horse racing markets are preferable to greyhounds. Learning how to trade the greyhounds markets is a game of patience. Pushing too hard can be painful.

Still confused? There’s also a longer explanation as to how Betfair trading works over HERE

6 thoughts on “How To Trade Greyhounds On Betfair, Easy Money? [VIDEO POST]

  1. Direct, informative and, above all simple, your greyhound videos are, by some way, the best in the public domain, well done,

    cheers, Morgans Choice

  2. Hi. I read everything of yours with interest. Q. 1. How does the video package arrive if I purchase? Q. 2. Do you allow one to one mentoring and if so what price? Cheers. Tony. Age 52. Director TJ Couriers Ltd.
    Ps. I’m sick of losing money.

    1. Hi Tony, if you see the details it’s delivered digitally. The one on one stuff isnt happening right now although a strong possibility at some point.

  3. Hi Caan,

    Does the lay price of grey hound always go down below the back price as showed above before the race? what time do you tend to do these bets?

    Kind regards.

  4. Hi Caan,

    Interesting article on greyhounds! They are definitely a tough market to trade because of their shallow liquidity and the fact that they start forming and offer decent prices just in the minute before the race. They are also more drifting that mean reverting markets. So it’s definitely hard to take a position and exit at a better price. One good thing to note though is that having hundreds of markets a day is very good for a directional strategy (meaning back and keep, or lay). However in-depth (if not inside) knowledge or strong data analysis is required to make a profit over the long term. We chose the AI and statistical modelling at tipstronic to pick our bets.


  5. All well and good, but you only covered the absolute basics of trading on the exchange. You mentioned liquidity and timing. That is true, however skill comes in; when you can constantly and reliably predict the movement of odds. With a lot of experience, this can be calculated to some degree. The anxiety lies with the wildcards, that occur from time to time. Though lucrative, it is also a very fast way of going broke. I prefer horse racing; odds shift slower and going in play can help green up. However it is gambling at the end of the day and the risk of losing over time, is a near certainty. If you do succeed you eventually will be charged 20% commission instead 5%. So unless you are a trading prodigy, you would be better off leaving this hobby alone. Also remember your gain is somebody else’s loss and vice versa.

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