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Last month I kicked off the YouTube channel with a bit more activity by answering followers questions.

The response I’ve had has been quite positive, and I quite enjoyed responding. I can say so much more in the space of a couple of minutes than a 1,000 words here on the blog.

So if you’ve got a question, please send it to support and I’ll answer as many as possible each week!

The great thing being, the majority of questions you may have, will help others too… most of the time everyone’s wondering the same sort of thing anyway.

Followers Questions Answered

But of course, make sure you’re subscribed to the channel so you don’t miss the answers!! Subscribe to see video responses here.

Andy asked a very valid question here about;

When To Exit A Trade

Hope you all had a good Christmas! ….I know I’ll be needing the gym in the new year.

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14 thoughts on “Submit Your Questions… Get A Proper Answer!

  1. Hi Caan. I’m sure you have been told many a time, but your blog right from the start has been a real inspiration to me. The most useful parts have been your honesty when it was going wrong and the battle with your mind to turn it around and to keep that mental resiliency, which is key! I have followed a similar path and things are finally clicking into place, thanks to being inspired by you to never give up and with the help from your video pack. Some things are just worth giving your time to. Cheers! Matt.

  2. Hi Caan, do you place much importance on industry prices when considering entering a trade on the exchanges ? eg what if bf appears to be trending down and is currently say 3.75 but 4 or 5 bookies are still 3/1. I know quality of the race may play a factor in your answer but do you ever let Industry prices impact your decision making on what may happen on the exchanges?

  3. Being in Australia, we can’t join Betdaq, can we. ..?
    You mention that you pay up to 60% tax on betfair, I don’t understand that rate of tax?

    1. Not sure on the first part, i’ve never been to Aus, let alone tried! I’ll find out. And the Premium Charge could be a good one to explain – although it’s not something to worry about so soon for many.

      1. Hi Caan,

        Betdaq isn’t available to Australians. I wish it was. I’ve asked them before. I wish Betdaq would expand as it would increase liquidity on their markets

        PC does kick in fairly early. I was shocked when I first received an email from Betfair. I’m only a small time punter compared to others. Once your lifetime profits are over 5k pounds, bang they sting you.

        Maybe you can discuss some strategies to help minimise this ghastly charge? I do try and use the bookies sometimes to make a loss on betfair and win with them but this doesn’t always work – obviously and you end up paying even more PC.

        1. Betfair was taken over by Mr Packer because they couldn’t agree terms with the race clubs.
          Betfair in Australia has very small pools in comparison to uk. We are charged anything from 6% to 8% commission depending on the State of Australia where you are betting. I don’t think that the winners over k5 per annum are charged any further tax.
          Maybe you should get a club together and pool all the losses. Lol.

  4. I’m hearing a lot about this PC which is turning me off going any harder in the trading game with Betfair. Being in Australia as well there is no other option!
    Caan, being a big-time trader, surely you are being hit with PC at its full rate, how do you make it work for you? Do you just simply factor in a 60% tax when staking now and increase everything by a massive margin to compensate? Or are you moving to Betdaq and others and focusing there?
    I, personally cannot see how Betfair trading can be worth the effort for anyone wanting to get more “full-time” about it…

  5. Volatile markets e.g. greyhound markets, Leave them alone or use them ( I understand with the opportunity for you to make quick money with the ladder bouncing around there comes the added risk of getting it wrong real quick ) !!

  6. QandA Hi Caan, is it possible to have multiple family members trade Betfair pre-race at the same time? (x4 family members, x4 profits)! Also, does teaching people your methods dampen your own edge in the markets? Cheers mate

  7. hi Caan watched loads of your videos and read a lot on your blog all very good info just started trying to trade but can you please advise me what horse races are best to trade on eg handicaps,novices,national hunt i just want to not trade on every single race everyday
    Many thanks Del

  8. Hey Caan! It looks like the markets have changed qute a bit over the last two years! Haven’t seen any recent trading videos on youtube! It seems that in the horse racing there is some majot manipulation going one with someone laying and backing huge amounts everywhere, could you maybe talk about this? Cheers!

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