A Guide to Effective Dice Betting Strategies

If you want to learn more about basic crypto dice betting strategies, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a brief guide to the two main dice betting strategy components, including the different bet types you can wager on and how much money you are willing to spend per wager.

Let’s dive straight in for a simple explanation of the most effective dice betting strategies.

Bet type

When playing certain dice games at licensed crypto-accepting online casinos, you can place a wager on whether you will roll over or under a certain number, which is the equivalent of betting on the implied probability rate.

For example, placing a wager on the following roll being below 33.33 is the same as betting the following roll will be above 66.66. These two outcomes both have a 33.33% implied probability rate of occurring, and a successful winning bet would pay 3 mBTC for every 1 mBTC that you initially wagered (which comes to 2.97 mBTC after 1% house edge).

When playing crypto dice games like this, the outcomes/IPRs (implied probability rates) you can place a wager on are the following:

  • 75
  • 66
  • 50
  • 33
  • 25

Depending on how much you’re willing to wager will determine your dice betting strategy and the number you wish to choose. The amount you are willing to wager is more important than the number because there is always a 1.00% edge the house has, whichever number you decide to bet on.

Previous roll patterns

Many people make their betting selections by looking for patterns in previous rounds and then placing a wager on those patterns reoccurring over the coming rolls. An example is when you witness the previous 12 to 15 rolls revealing below 50 and then wager over this amount because you feel this outcome will most likely occur.

Additionally, you may have noticed the past 10 to 12 rolls have been flicking between being over/under 25, so you start wagering on the upcoming rolls to stop alternating in this way. You can also expand these two crypto dice betting strategies and apply them to other outcomes/patterns that you may have noticed to see if they work.

For example, you may pick up on the fact that the dice have been rolling over 66.66 over three consecutive rounds and then under 25 on three separate rolls for 20 rolls, which equates to four cycles.

When unearthing any clear pattern over a series of outcomes, you have the option to bet on that pattern continuing or being broken. The thing to remember is that everything is still random. In other words, future dice roll outcomes still have nothing to do with previous results.

However, it’s still fun looking for and finding patterns in the outcomes of the dice rolls, and many players like to bet on that pattern reoccurring or betting against any patterns they discover from continuing in upcoming rolls.

Final note

When it comes to placing a wager and how much you are willing to spend, the best thing to do would be to bet the same amount each time.

Some of the other common betting strategies that can also be applied that you might want to investigate more are the Martingale strategy, the Inverse Martingale strategy, and the Martingale to break even strategy.

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