A small problem!


So it’s the 22nd day of the Challenge and I’ve certainly succeeded at working less although I haven’t been able to trade for a couple of days either! It’s pretty frustrating but due to some personal issues I’ve moved and I now have to wait until the end of the month to get a wired broadband connection! Currently I can only connect to the internet via a BT WiFi Hotspot which as good as it is (3 – 4mb) consistently drops connection from around mid afternoon until 6pm where it seems to stabilise a little again.

Trading with this would be financial suicide so for now I’ll just be picking up the odd evening race after that period. It’s not ideal although it’s forced me to free up some time in the day and im still confident im not that far behind.

This morning I woke up and did something quite spontaneous. Having hit snooze a few times I came too and my immediate thought was ‘damn another day there is no point trying to trade’ (I tried the previous 2 days).

Having laid there for 5 minutes I thought that it would be a good idea to get out, firstly to stop me attempting to trade with an unreliable connection and secondly because I didn’t want it to be a day like any other… after a couple more minutes of fantasizing about going to the airport and jumping on the next random flight for an adventure I remembered I had my son this weekend, and equally exciting experience although I couldn’t do both.

Then it came to me! Having posted at the end of last year HERE about things I’d like to do in 2014 (2 completed already, I better write another list!) I decided to go snowboarding! I hadn’t ever done it before so didn’t know what to expect, all my friends at work I had to go alone which was initially disappointing but on reflection I think made it that bit more exciting.

About 3 hours later I finished up pretty shattered with a few bumps and a coating of snow but it was definitely worth it. I don’t suppose I’ll top it tomorrow but you never know!! I’m open to suggestions!!

5 thoughts on “A small problem!

  1. Cheers danny, im sure i will and probably sooner rather than later! i think a snowboarding holiday is definately on the horizion!!

    Paul – no i’ve done around 30 static line jumps but never a free fall, again something i’d definately like to do!

  2. Hiya Caan, love the idea of just going snowboarding, because you can!
    If I was as successful with my trading as you I know what I would be doing. I would be off travelling.
    3 years ago, when I had a few bob in the bank, I was busy planning a trip to Athens. Not very exciting you might be thinking, but I wanted to go without getting on a plane. So I took myself off, using 6 trains,1 ferry and 2 buses. I left home at 7-30am on the Tuesday and arrived in Greece at 12-30 on the Thursday. I loved every minute of it. Travelling down through Italy instead of flying over it was bloody amazing and the ferry from Bari to Patras was great too. When I arrived in Athens they were having all the protests against the cuts and that was pretty cool too. Managed to get out just before it kicked off proper though. I was so pleased to have a very understanding wife.
    I would love to travel through most of Europe by train, maybe one day I will crack this trading game and get myself off.

  3. Why not come to my home office and trade for me for a few days to increase my bank…?! Just an idea while your broadband is down…. 🙂

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