Blackjack Betting Strategy to Win MORE Often

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the history of gambling. There have been Hollywood films made around the game and it’s simplicity makes it one of the easiest games to learn.

In today’s article we will cover;

  • The Rules Of Blackjack
  • Why Playing Blackjack Can Give You An Edge
  • How You Can Profit Long Term Playing Blackjack
  • Where You Can Learn Optimal Blackjack Betting Strategy
  • How To Find Advantage Play Offers

What Are The Rules Of Blackjack

The objective of blackjack is very simple…

You must get closer to the number 21 then the dealer. If your hand goes above the number 21 then you have “bust” your hand and the dealer wins. If your total hand number is closer to 21 then the dealer, you win your bet. Less then the dealer, your bet is lost.

Initially, you are dealt two hands. The dealer is also given two hands, however you can only see one. After this, you are allowed to do a few things.

  • Stand – Keep your hand as it is.
  • Hit – Be dealt another hand.
  • Double – Double your bet and be dealt another hand.
  • Split – If you hold two cards of the same number you can split your initial two cards. This doubles your bet however it is split across two pairs of hands. 

You then may be given further choices of standing or hitting another card, depending on your choice and hands dealt. After you have finalized your hand, the second dealer card is turned over and it is their turn to act.

Why Playing Blackjack Can Give You An Edge

Blackjack is one of the favoured casino games among sharp casino players and advantage gamblers due to its high RTP.

RTP is short for return to player. All casino games have an inbuilt probability for the amount that they will return to the player.

For example, if an online slot has a listed RTP of 95% then it will pay back to the player 95% of what it takes (on average). To simplify this for every £100 a 95% RTP slot takes from a player it will pay the player back on average £95. This is how all casino games work and why casinos make money in the long run. They have a built-in edge against the casino players.

Blackjack has an RTP of 99.5% when played with optimal blackjack betting strategy. This means that for every £100 wagered, on average a player will be returned £99.50. Which gives the casino a very small edge.

However, if a casino offers a bonus or cashback to players that RTP can go above 100%. When this happens the edge flips over to the player rather than the casino and it actually becomes profitable to play.

How You Can Profit Long Term Playing Blackjack

There are two proven ways to profit long-term playing blackjack.

  1. Card Counting
  2. Advantage Play

Card Counting…

Card counting is a technique that is used in live casinos. Out of the two blackjack betting strategies that we will discuss, card counting is the more complex one.

The premise of card counting is that high cards (Aces, 10s, and 9s) benefit the player. Whilst low cards (2s,3s,4s,5s etc) are beneficial to the dealer. Basic card counting assigns a value of positive, negative or zero to card. When a card is dealt the value adjusts. Low cards increase the count and high cards decrease the count.

When the count is high, it is more likely the player will be dealt a good card (Ace, 10s or a 9s). This is when card counters increase their bet size as the edge is on the side of the player.

Card counting is not a simple blackjack betting strategy to learn, however, if you put in the time it can be learnt. Our focus is this article will be on the second strategy. This is much easier to learn and also very profitable. It is the strategy that I would suggest learning and taking advantage of first!

Advantage Play in Blackjack:

Advantage Play is my preferred method of making money from playing blackjack. This strategy involves using casino sign-up offers, cash back or recurring offers to make a long-term profit. It is a very simple process to learn and can be extremely profitable

All you to do is find somewhere that provides optimal blackjack strategy charts and follow them. Here is a link that provides optimal blackjack strategy charts.

The easiest way to show this is with an example!

 Pokerstars Casino Cashback Offer – Blackjack Strategy

  1. Sign Up To Pokerstars via Topcashback
  2. Wager £30 playing perfect blackjack strategy (expected to lose £0.15 long term at 99.5 RTP.)
  3. Get £25 cashback credited after you have signed up and completed wagering.

The mathematics behind this offer (Why it is profitable!)

£25 (cashback) – £0.15 (Expected Loss Wagering £30 On Blackjack) = £24.85 (Expected Profit)

This is a prime example of how easy it can be to make money playing blackjack. Using a very simple cashback offer we can expect to make close to £25 profit with very little effort and time!

The important thing to remember about advantage play is that whilst you won’t win every single time. If the mathematical edge is in your favour via some form of bonus. Then you will make money over the long run!

How To Find Advantage Play Offers

If you are looking to find similar bonus offers that can provide you with an edge against the casinos. My recommendation is to take a look at Oddsmonkey.

Oddsmonkey provide a service which focuses on all aspects of advantage gambling, including sports betting strategies such as matched betting. The service pinpoints all of the best casino offers available and gives you detailed advice on the optimal strategy to use to make the most profit.

Oddsmonkey offers everything you need to potentially make thousands of pounds in profit from advantage gambling. If you want to learn more about Oddsmonkey and trial it for free.

Click the link below…

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