#Cheltenham Trading #4 of 4: DAY FOUR

Cheltenham 2018 4

…and it’s all over. What a finish to another crazy Cheltenham week!

Whilst I’m not a huge ‘racing fan’ the Cheltenham festival always provides an epic atmosphere. The final day was no different this year, both in and out of the markets…

#GoldCup Day 2018

The day got off to a cracker with Stormy Ireland in the 1.30 pm race. If you’ve got me on Twitter, you may have seen this mention at 1.22 pm…

Chelt Tweets

Shortly after, it became quite apparent it was a ‘lively’ one in the market. Trading at a pre-race low of 5.7.

As the day progressed the markets settled down as expected. In-between ‘filler’ markets were thin on the ground and it appeared as though a few got stung in the process. Not unusual though, as I mentioned in this YouTube clip earlier in the week.

The festival races themselves were best around post time for me. Particularly when they dipped past the scheduled timings. Having less unmatched sat around while Joe Public continued to feed the available prices was nice. In these kinds of situations, it can become very tempting to ramp up the stakes as orders get simultaneously swallowed on either side of the book. To stop trading early on the festival races would just be insanity to my mind…

Next Year?

For a lot of readers, I’ve no doubt Cheltenham was a jaw-dropping experience. A mixture of frustration in betting ques and scary stakes hitting the market… unfortunately the opportunity to ‘practice’ on these type of meetings only comes around a handful of times each year. Getting as much value as you can from them is important, both in terms of profit and learning.

Next year will no doubt be very similar. Hopefully by then some of the smaller exchanges will have grown, the additional charges, rising unmatched cash and emphasis on the Betfair Sportsbook is sad to see through trading eyes. Maybe a little competition between the various providers will bring a little extra for the customer 😉

Right, now for the most important part of Cheltenham… the after-party! #BeerTime.

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2 thoughts on “#Cheltenham Trading #4 of 4: DAY FOUR

  1. Hi Caan
    Thanks for the post mate.
    Must admit I felt a bit out me depth. What with sitting in the market with my £10 stake with 5 grand on top of me:). How frustrating is it having to wait 5 mins to scratch.
    Anyway it was defo a learning curve. I’ll be more prepared next year.
    All the best

  2. First Cheltenham for me and found it tough with only a £1K bank, lot of the races had top 3 trading around 8 to 10 odds so not much scope for getting lays in the market.
    It really catches you out when it’s solid and your scalping away and it suddenly moves 5 or 6 ticks though, a real learning curve this week.

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