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Opposite faces

Friends, family, partners and spouses all have an opinion on your trading endeavours…

But how many of them even understand what’s going on?

It’s a common issue that rears its ugly head over-and-over, and I have a strong opinion on it (having faced it myself). A quick skim on the Betfair trading community showed others facing the same problem too…

Convincing the other half

In my experience, John’s got a pretty tough (and fruitless) task ahead of him.

Others are little more fortunate though…

forum post caan berry

If you haven’t got one of these ‘unicorns’ at your side, it’s probably worth watching the YouTube clip below. Trying to convince those around you and explain how Betfair trading works is a difficult task.

Traders are typically bright and logical beings who think they can win others over through intellect. Although it’s normal to want to explain, you might want to re-consider…

Off in a tangent at places as I often have secondary thoughts whilst answering, apologies for that!


By way of a very quick re-cap:

  • Energy – protect it like your trading bank.
  • Contrarian – be willing to be one!
  • Accept – some have already made their mind up.
  • Stock response – makes life so easier.
  • Don’t argue – what’s the point?

The saying attributed to Confucius springs to mind:

“those who think they can and those who whink they can’t are both usually right”

Ultimately it’s up to you how you tackle this problem, but in my experience, the suggested points are the path of least resistance by far!

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2 thoughts on “[Hot Topic] Convincing Others Around You | Caan Berry Trader

  1. Thank you for this video Caan the topic resonates with me so much!
    I have been trading Betfair for about 14 months and my missus still doesnt get it even though I spoil her from my winnings. Your advice is so right.

  2. Hello Mikel,
    Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, it’s an ongoing battle for anyone that dares to fight it, just wasted energy in my opinion.
    Cheers again,

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