Disaster strikes!!!!

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Hey guys! what a nightmare i’ve had this week! As i previously said i’ve gone away for a month on a course to become qualified in other areas i really dont intend on using such things althoguh its always good to have a safety net to fall back on i suppose. That said i tipped up at the hotel i would be staying in for the course and having previously checked the hotels download speed was not 12mbps as they said but even worse their upload speed is 0.06mbps…. is that even classed as a connection?!?!  And so the panic began! i rushed down to the local ASDA after a conversation on the phone to vodaphone they claimed i’d get between 3 – 6mbps on a 3G dongle… as suspected it wasnt as much and wasnt going to be tradable, at this point i noticed a flyer in the room advertising Orange WiFi hot-spots, duly paid the £4.50 for 24 hours of usage…. not alot if it was going to alow me to trade and sweeet bliss in and booming to the tune of 6Mbps download and 2mbps upload… faster than my home connection…. it was all great untill i hit the enter button after putting in my betfair details… “betfair has detected you are accessing betfair from a destination in a country where its use is not permited: France” …. GUTTED!! phoned them up and yes their servers supplying the WiFi run from France…… back to square one 2 connections that are pants that i can use and one that is rapid that i cannot access the exchange on! after much fiddeling about i’ve discovered if i hang the dongle out the window on an extension cable and get it just right i have enough speed to trade … just about…. its reliability im not so sure of though, i may attempt to trade a little from time to time with small stakes but it’s gonna have to be just the weekends untill half way thoguh next month i suppose…. a shame as my results were going well of late, i havent traded since the 18th but at that point i’d already reached £1084.44 … almost the same for the entire last month! Hey ho onwards and upwards i suppose….. Next month ill be going ‘Pro’ so suppose its when the real fireworks can start woo hoo lol can’t wait!

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