Finally, It’s Back On…

Back on

It’s been a while I know. Many have asked, but it’s finally back…

The YouTube Q & A is now active once more! To see the existing followers playlist you can click here.

New question? You can submit your question via Twitter, Facebook or email.

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There’s not a huge amount to say, other than it’s back on… I’ll do all I can to answer as many questions as possible and as thoroughly as possible.

If you’re submitting a question:

  • Please try to keep the question short and sweet.
  • Ask something in a way it will benefit other users in your position too.
  • Submit via blog comments, social media or email (Q & A in the subject line for emails).
  • Check the playlist encase it’s already answered!

Links of previous examples below!

YouTube Questions Answered:

Q & A

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9 thoughts on “Finally, It’s Back On…

  1. Hi Cann. Great work with the trading guide and advanced video pack. Can you answer this question for me please: Given that Racing UK has signed a deal with all 26 of the Irish racecourses, do you think that it will help to increase or decrease liquidity for traders? Can traders expect a probable increase in liquidity? Far more people have access to At The Races over here (in Ireland), but I’m assuming that most of the influx of trading money comes from UK based punters? I know that the race meetings on Racing UK usually have greater levels of liquidity when they are compared with the meetings that are broadcast on At The Races. Do you think that the liquidity on the Irish meetings will increase? Thanks Caan,

  2. Thanks very much, Caan. Much obliged. Keep up the great work via all of the various channels and platforms that you use.

  3. Hi
    For Cheltenham would you be more interested in laying before backing or backing before laying? TIA

  4. Hi Caen, How you define volume, would you define it as matched or unmatched money on the back or lay side, and historical record of volume on betfair graphs can it be used to find resistance or support points?

  5. Hi Caan, being a 5 second delay streaming, when In-Play how is the price movement determined.
    Thank you.

  6. Hello Caan, I would like to ask for the questions and answers:

    Do you trade every day? Every race? How many days do pros trade?


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