Football Course Review: User Results and Experience…

While the International break is on, we all have time for something a little different…

A Football Course user emailed in last week delighted with his trading results over in the last round of the League so we’re sharing it in this football course review.

We love getting emails like this because we get sent so many horrible stories about bookmakers not paying out. It’s always nice to hear something positive so we’ve invited the user to briefly explain what happened. He’s allowed me to post it in a blog below so hopefully, it helps someone in their trading journey or at least inspires them!

Football Course Reviewed With Results:

“I’ve been a user of Caan’s Football Course for a while now. Within the last two weeks, things have finally started to click in the markets and I am making more money than ever before. I’ve just had my best result ever on the Champions League game between Copenhagen and Man United leading to my best ever week.

I know the strategies won’t always come off for me but with the pointers to research and market movements I am starting to see the markets in a different light. The result I am most impressed me this week is actually my loss; I cut it straight away when I saw things weren’t heading in the right direction. It was hard to take at the time, but when you look back it’s only a small loss compared to the rest of the markets over the week. My mindset has completely changed. In the past I would have let that position run or even chased my losses; always ended in a horrible hole eventually and hitting the deposit button again. 

The Dortmund v Newcastle game was textbook for Under 2.5 goals trading, and I also laid Newcastle looking at their away stats. I noticed one of the websites Caan recommends FootyStats breaks down the xG figures by home and away. That has really helped me this season. 

I thought Atletico would hammer Celtic so had a small bet on goals with a view to trading if an early goal went in. This went my way but the opposite happened on AC Milan v PSG. I was on Unders there; the goal inside ten minutes didn’t help but I felt lucky after another quick one. 

The highlight was definitely the crazy finish to Copenhagen and Man United. I was interested in the United lay looking at the xG figures recommended, but I sat on my hands to watch the opening ten minutes. I know this is something Cann also recommends when you aren’t sure or want to see how the game turns out. An early United goal helped me not get involved, and then they went 2-0 up but the red card changed things massively. I laid United when Copenhagen got one back and the game was a dream to trade from there as it went 2-2 and then I had extra time at half-time to trade out. I went in again for a late goal looking at the stats and this was the type of result I probably won’t repeat for a while lol. A dream! 

I would 100% recommend the football course to anyone thinking of improving their football trading. It has helped me immensely. I already made the cost back and more. My biggest failure was my mindset in the past and now it seems to be an asset. I think it’s because I have such a solid base with good research and detailed strategies. I just don’t feel the urge to bet for fun or chase any more. It’s all carefully thought out trades and it’s really paying off.”

A big thank you for providing that context! It helps explain the results, and thanks for the football course review too.

Your Football Course Review?

If you’ve had a similar experience and would like to provide a review (about the football course or any other) please get in touch with the support mail and someone will get back to you soonest.

It’s been a really long time since we asked for user testimonials and the inbox often gets flooded with problem cases but we’re very appreciative of the feedback. It’s a pleasant change to hear a positive story instead of the usual naysayers and haters saying it can’t be done.

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  1. Great to see and well do you, yes footistats is a great website at a cost of 19 pounds per month great value, xg is so important , and agree 100% mindset is everything,

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