Best Football Strategy For Beginners (How To Find An Edge)

Trading football on Betfair can seem an overwhelming task at first glance…

  • Lay the draw
  • Back a first-half goal
  • Scalp The 0-0 in the first 15 minutes
  • Pre-match trading.
  • Back the over 1.5 market after 30 minutes if the score line is 0-0.

Where do you start?

There are so many approaches that you can look at when trading the football markets on Betfair. However good trading doesn’t have to be complex, especially with the right FootyStats.

Simple strategies can still be very profitable!

Let’s take a look at the best football strategy for beginners in 2023 and how to find an edge in the markets.

Reacting To Team News:

Changes in team lineups due to suspensions, injuries and motivations can give you a huge edge in the football betting markets.

Here is an example of how a change in a team’s motivation can affect the market!

Man City are due to play Brighton in a couple of days. When the market initially opened you can see at the start they were priced around 1.6. 

At the time the market opened Man City had still not secured the Premier League title. However, Arsenal’s loss to Brighton changed this and Man City were crowned champions. You can see this massively affected the odds for Man City in their upcoming game against Brighton due to the motivational change.

This was no longer a must-win game for Man City, it pretty much had the same significance as a friendly.

Alongside this Man City have a Champions League and FA Cup final ahead of them. Which could see them rest key players.

These factors saw Man City’s odds drift all the way up to around 2.1 before the market readjusted and shortened back to 1.83.

How To Take Advantage Of Odds Movement:

Movement in odds can create profitable opportunities for us as football traders.

By backing at higher odds and laying at shorter odds we can cover all outcomes for a profit. We could also lay at lower odds first and back at higher to guarantee a profit. (Working exactly like the stock market.)

Whilst the Brighton vs Man City market has already reacted to motivational changes the team news for Man City is still an unknown.

When the team lineups are announced an hour before the game starts on twitter there will be an opportunity!

Should Man City field their best 11 players then it is very likely we will see the odds on Manchester City shorten from where they are currently.

If they decide to rest some of their key players and field some youth players for experience. Then it is likely we see the odds on Man City drift. The odds that currently exist in the market cannot fully account for the lineup as it is unknown.

Reacting quickly to this information when it is released could allow you to lock in some low-risk profit.

The Best Football Trading Strategy For Beginners

There we have it, one of the best strategies that you can use in the football market is reacting to team information. Simply knowing who the key players are in football matches that you intend to trade is an edge.

Want learn more about football trading?

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