Goal Profits Reviewed: Best Football Trading Service?

goal profits review

Football trading is popular, but can you make it pay? We’ve been a lot about Goal Profits over the years, so we thought we’d check it out and create this review.

Goal Profits started out as a football tipping site, but it has dramatically changed since. They now have a host of football trading strategies, a community section and a 24/7 helpdesk.

If you’ve never heard of Goal Profits, in a nutshell, they offer football trading systems.

Let’s look a bit deeper…

Goal Profits Logo

Who Are Goal Profits?

It’s fair to say that the two guys behind Goal Profits enjoy keeping a low profile! They are Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick, with Steve creating the site in 2011. He started Goal Profits after winning a football tipping competition. However, before that, he tried to go Pro and had to go back to work. There’s no doubt he has learned an immense amount on his journey.

Kevin has a very similar story to Steve. He tried to go Pro and realised he needed better trading strategies if he was going to be successful. Together they have formed to be an excellent team. They both do Live Chat Room Trades which will appeal to some.

What Features Does Goal Profits Have?

The quick answer is a lot. There is a tonne of information on the site, let’s break it down a little…

When you first join, you come to the Launchpad where you are told that they “are going to introduce you to the Live Stats Module, Custom Shortlist Pro, Team Stats and all the trading strategies you have access to.” Although there is a step further to go with membership, there’s a lot of content available.

The Team Stats and League Tables are interesting from a trading point of view.

With the Team Stats you can see:

  • Over 1.5 goals
  • Over 2.5 goals
  • Scored
  • Conceded
  • Both Team Scored
  • Goals First Half
  • Goals Second Half

The above shortlist is clearly very helpful. It points out stuff that you can easily miss and the data is very easy to understand. Knowledge is power when you want to get in and out of the markets. Breaking down first-half goals and expected goals is vital before opening an early trade on over 1.5 or 2.5 goals.

Football Match on Pitch

Additionally, the League Tables also offer some profitable angles.

You can break down league tables by a lot, but these are most popular:

  • First Half
  • Second Half
  • Home Attack v Away Defense
  • Away Attack v Home Defense
  • Goals Home
  • v Top Half
  • v Bottom Half

Looking through these tables makes for some interesting betting angles. For example, against teams in the bottom half – Manchester United is in 19th place away from home at the time of writing. You can see how profitable stat that might be given the prices that a team like Manchester United start at.

There are a lot of similar examples when looking through the data. Although it’s perhaps a little simple to trade through stats, it highlights a lot of key areas that can give you an edge over the crowd. One assumes most football punters don’t study a team profile past the last five games.

You can see more details on the Goal Profits site by clicking here.

Will Goal Profits Make You Profitable?

The data and helpdesk alone won’t make you profitable. What Goal Profits do is, it gives you the tools that can make you profitable. The reality is you have to put the hard work into trading and keep your discipline at all times.

Steve and Kevin hosting Live Trading sessions that are helpful and there are a number of trading strategies that you can learn from. These trading strategies are broken down into three categories; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

The Beginner strategies are:

  • First Half Lay the Draw
  • Second Half Lay the Draw
  • 65/75 Goal Strategy
  • Magical 2-2 (scoreline)

The Intermediate strategies are:

  • First Half 0-0
  • 1.5 Goals Second Half
  • Lead During First 20 Minutes
  • Goal In Last 15 Minutes
  • Correct Score Strategy 3
  • Correct Score Strategy 4

The Advance strategies are:

  • Goal Value Tables
  • Asian handicap
  • ‘Contra Betting’ (Basically an opinion option)
  • Advanced Correct Score Strategy 3

While it wouldn’t be fair to explain what’s included in each strategy. They are all easy to understand, especially the beginner section, and they also highlight what games you can implement the strategies in. This saves time going through all the fixtures which is an added bonus.

Overall, the site is very clearly laid out and easy to use. Everything you need to fully understand the trading strategies is laid out in front of you and after that, all you have to do is keep your discipline and begin trading. It gives you the tools to be profitable, but this isn’t something that you can just follow blindly and become a profitable trader. You have to do the work and put in the time.

How Much Does Goal Profits Cost?

Goal Profits offer a trial for £1, however, you don’t get all the services for that time period. To be honest, there’s so much information available you don’t need more than you get.

If you’re impressed with what you see, you can upgrade your membership. There are two options:

  • Monthly Membership for £39.95
  • Quarterly Membership for £99
  • Annual Membership for £365

Occasionally, the Goal Profits team run a £1 promotion for the first month so look out for that!

The annual membership is the best value, working out at £1 per day. It’s hard to argue that the data offered won’t save or make you £1 per day. That’s not even including the football trading strategies. Plus if you’re new to trading or new to football, the live trading sessions are likely to be welcome assistance.

Who Should Consider Joining Goal Profits?

The message of discipline is really driven home on Goal Profits. If you’re thinking of joining, you need to have good discipline. You also need to have an understanding of football markets and how Betfair trading works. The beginner strategies are good, but a basic level of understanding before trying to tackle them is recommended.

You would also need a good bit of time to use all their data and go through the strategies. The forum and live trading sessions are helpful but time-consuming too. It wouldn’t suit a punter interested in football but only trades/bets at the weekend. If you’re going to spend £365 on the annual membership, you need to get the most out of it. A lot of time is needed to research their data. Goal Profits is a very good platform, but it’s not going to make you rich. Anyone with a “get rich quick” outlook won’t get the most out of the site. You need to follow the structure given and grind out the results.

Are The Goal Profit Strategies Easy To Use?

Steve and Kevin couldn’t have laid out the site any better. The strategies are easy to understand and very easy to find. The information won’t be spoon-fed. You only get the tools that can lead you to become profitable on Goal Profits – actually becoming profitable is all up to you and the work you put in.

Football trading is hard work. There are a huge amount of very shrewd people and very tight margins. Making it pay is difficult but it is achievable. The 24/7 support on Goal Profits is a huge positive for beginners and the site should set you on your way to fully understanding the football markets on Betfair.

Our Conclusion:

In terms of football guides, Goal Profits is great for beginners. The site is well laid out and easy to use. Strategies are easy to understand and the owners, Steve and Kevin, are helpful. The forum and helpdesk is a welcome addition, I can see why Goal Profits has a lot of good reviews.

The stats area of the site are better than others I have seen and the league tables make for some very interesting viewing.

Time is the only negative here. It’s going to take you a lot of time to fully understand the Goal Profits methods and even then, you might not become a profitable football trader. You also need to have spare time to make sure you don’t miss certain things – perhaps games that your strategies suit, live trading sessions or forum chats on the website. In reality, everything takes time if you’re going to be successful so taking time to use Goal Profits isn’t a big negative – it’s just a reality.

Despite this, I would say they have put together a useful site for those who are interested in getting started.

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12 thoughts on “Goal Profits Reviewed: Best Football Trading Service?

  1. Hello there,

    I have one question about this remark in the review:

    “Football trading is hard work. There are a huge amount of very shrewd people and very tight margins. Making it pay is difficult but it is achievable. ”

    Would you advise choosing another sport from football to trade because of this?


  2. “Although it’s perhaps a little simple to trade through stats, it highlights a lot of key areas that can give you an edge over the crowd. One assumes most football punters don’t study a team profile past the last five games.”

    Suggesting you can get an edge over the crowd is misleading. The odds being traded are decided by a vast army of people and computers. There is no edge anymore than finding an edge when you throw a dice. It’s an illusion.

    Any ‘strategy’ looks good until you look at all outcomes – none of them work because to do so would break the laws of mathematics. The Martingale system of chasing losses is the most well-known and yet it’s still followed. You will lose in the long-term and therefore it’s no good to make regular profits.

    All football strategies are the same – “do this and then if this happens do that…” – but there’s invariably the unavoidable situation that will sink the bet and your profits.

    The reason why these two guys run this service is – as said in the article – that they couldn’t make betting on football pay. Selling hope to others blinded by the dream is the only way to make money from football unless you’re a bookie.

    1. You absolutely CAN make a profit from football statistics. I’ve been doing it for months. I’m NOT a member of Goal Profits though, I collect all the stats through a self-made spreadsheet which scrapes football sites and essentially does the same as Goal Profits. I created another spreadsheet which analysed the stats. This told me what to look for for each strategy.

      At the end of the day you just need to know what stats to look at for any given strategy and when to place the bets. It’s easy when you know how.

  3. If ‘Goal Profits’ could trade the markets profitably then they would be doing exactly that, instead of offering services for a fee online. You can’t beat the odds, no matter what, and this is all just the same old scam.
    The first giveaway with these trading ‘mentors’ is that they have their own website to begin with. When are you people going to get it into your heads? Anyone with a website is running a business. They simply wouldn’t bother if they could trade Betfair profitably. And let’s not even consider how damnably hard it is to gain any kind of traction in an internet business – it’s nigh-on impossible, and represents years of work. Why would they go to the trouble if they could make thousands a week on Betfair as they claim? Yet here they are, scavenging for £1 sign-up fees or a pound a day for membership thereafter. It just doesn’t compute.
    This is so exploitative of people’s ignorance, and is actually very cruel. So many are throwing away years of their lives chasing a dream that can never come true.
    You cannot beat the odds. End of story.

    1. Hi Tom,
      Sorry but I don’t agree with this for several reasons, and consider it quite ignorant itself. Just because you can’t do it, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
      You are indeed correct about being a business, but what’s up with that? I started this website, and this business several years back as I spent most days up to 2pm twiddeling my thumbs waiting for the racing to start. You also say why spend money to start a business when you are making thousands a week? Well, think about that for a second… for that very reason! If you have excess money, what should you do with it? Something productive I hope!! I’m assuming you’d probably go an blow it on cars and holidays or something… totally counter-productive. Starting an internet business is far from impossible, again, just becasue you dont seem to be able to do it…
      Scavanging for £1? They offer a monthly service, its just a taster to get people started… can you blame them for that? Is Amazon a scam for having Prime? I agree with you on one thing here though, some people are very ignorant, as you may have demonstrated a bit.

      1. perfect response caan, these are people who have lost money on crap systems and assume this is another one, ive been a member for nearly 4 years (GP) and i can honestly say its the best trading website ever though hard work is needed to make a profit, it can be done.

  4. Goal Profits provide a geniune service, the stats are first class and the Live Stats Module is invaluable and worth the membership on it’s own.
    They constantly update the service and I would guess that it costs a fair bit to run the services that they provide, which is where the subscrition fee comes in, it helps to continually improve the site.
    Together with Assured Soccer Profits they give me the tools to top up my pension each month

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