Working to live, not living to work….

What A Week!….

Apologies if you’ve been checking back for updates over the last week or so, a couple have contacted me asking for more Back-to-Lay updates.

Now I’m back they shall resume, you’re probably best following the Facebook page as it allows me more ‘chars’ to give a little feedback with possible front-runners.

Last week I spent some quality time away in the sun with my boy. I posted a while ago when he told me he wanted to go on a plane, and to the beach for his 4th birthday.

I was a little reluctant at first to take him alone although it ended up being the best experience to date! I’d recommend it to anyone!! I think this last week I actually learnt a lot leaving work at home, hence the title. It’s a phrase I used to hear in the Army a lot with people moaning about working hours and being messed about with last-minute deployments. This time though I feel im well and truly on the other side of the fence.

I work to live – not the other way around.

Having so much fun with my son really emphasised why I set out to do this for a living in the first place, whats the point in sitting in an office crunching numbers and stats all day long to generate massive wealth trading Betfair when you can still have financial freedom and enjoy lots of time off with those you love?

Even worse, some have booked up the Ritz or a holiday away and taken their trading equipment with them… I don’t see the point myself, as Steve Jobs once said – “there’s no point in being the richest man in the cemetery”

I also read another article in the week written by a nurse who explained she never come across anyone that wished they had made more money in their life while on their death-bed… Heavy stuff, but powerful when you think about it.

Slide funPool funIce cream fun on the beach


It looks like a good day to have come back to the markets today with York on TV and Camerooney running again at Musselburgh. Unfortunately, this time he may get a bit more competition for the lead (as I posted up earlier).

Going forward in the next few weeks I’ll be looking into being that bit more efficient with my trading to free up that bit more time!  I’m already thinking about another holiday too (an adult one this time) after a week of playing with a 4-year-old and pretending to be a battleship/crocodile/shark I think I need one to recover, HaHa!!

Have a good one if you’re trading!

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5 thoughts on “Working to live, not living to work….

  1. Good to see you back dude. Just had a fantastic 23 day holiday in Tenerife with the family myself, and wholeheartedly agree with everything you say here. No point penny pinching about the cost of summer holidays as an excuse to feed your addiction to making money you don’t need, just leave the laptop at home and have some quality time away with the kids when they are on hols. ;=)

  2. Seems to be to be the biggest perk in doing this! No restrictions on how much time you can take off or when. Looks like you had a great time in the sun though – I’m jealous.

  3. Nice one caan. It’s. Good to see you enjoying your family. Best to enjoy them now as they are growing up as once that time passes you will never get it back. You probably had time to recharge mentally too!!

  4. Yep enjoy that time with your kids whilst you can Caan, one of the reasons I went into trading years ago was to spend time with them. They grow a lot quicker than you think ,mine have just got their A and GCSE level results. Eldest is off to uni so had 3 holidays this summer and off to Devon next week. Only going to get so many holidays with them as kids and taking a laptop or delaying holidays just to make a few extra quid is alien to me. Guess we all have different priorities when it comes to cash and families but I doubt the kids will be happy to sit at home thru the summer just so you can say you’ve had a bumper week.

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