Free Horse Racing Tool: Profiting From Past Betting Data?

Looking for an advantage in-play on the racing? If you are, this article will give you a helping hand…

In-running racing markets are erratic, prices bounce and whizz all over the place in milliseconds. Those in the right position make a profit extremely fast from such chaos. Knowing the likely pattern of behaviour is an edge, which is what the free tool at is all about.

It’ll help you accurately pinpoint in-play price trends and outliers, extremely fast.

What is RacingData.Info?

This is a statistical data tool that allows you to search daily racecards for in-play opportunities. Using the filtering tool shown below, you are able to query historical horse racing data to spot behavioural trends. The more filters you add, the more specific the results.

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Looking at the example image, all horses racing at Perth with a historical average price rise of 82% or above that went on to win would be displayed.

A useful query if you are looking for horses that have habitually trade very high in-play, before winning.

Historical performances cannot guarantee future behaviour although it doesn’t take long to realise that some horses behave in the same manner over and over again. The key perhaps is to be selective with your filtering so that you find the very best opportunities.

How to Use RacingData.Info:

RacingData has several functions and filters available that can be used in multiple ways. Here’s a link to the user guide on the racing data site.

The most obvious uses are DOBBING, Backing to Lay and finding strong or weak travelling horses. Having the additional foresight of how in-play prices are likely to trade could be the difference between grabbing extreme value or locking in a profit. Just remember to focus on a strong risk to reward ratio when using it.

As I see it, the main benefit of this filtering tool is that it allows you to find specific pricing behaviour in seconds. No more trawling through racecards and running styles to get a stronger understanding of the situation.

Taking a look at multiple selections within the same race is also a good idea. If the main race contenders both have a habit of travelling strongly, you may want to reconsider your approach (or skip that one out).

Advantages of Using Data Strategically…

See the selection below CLONDAW CAITLIN, you will notice that there are 7 historical race records, where 4 of them were winners. If you are looking for a horse that routinely trades low this will distort the average historical information, which is why the Exclude checkbox is marked for Won in this instance.

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Those races where the horse won are therefore removed from the results history. Seen below…

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This gives a better view of the average historical data as you toggle exclusion on and off because a winning result would mean the price dropped all the way to 1.01.

How you use this information strategically is totally up to you. Catch an underpriced lay? Back an overpriced contender? Cash-out in-play? There are so many filtering combinations and options it’s endless.

Check it out for yourself at it’s totally free!

2 thoughts on “Free Horse Racing Tool: Profiting From Past Betting Data?

  1. Thanks for this as I am having some really good results using this website. I have used it not only with do bing on single small stakes but also back to lay prospects.

    This website is a valuable resource but occasional variants do crop up so be mindful.

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