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Close your losses fast and let your winners run is a common phrase we often hear touted…

But it’s not that quite simple, is it?

To trade successfully you need to have some kind of edge or advantage. Otherwise, you haven’t a clue if the price is likely to continue running.

Low-Risk Edge for Beginners:

The key is to keep things simple when you start out. Focus on simple principles like trying to anticipate biases in human behaviour. This is the kind of thing that drives price movement. Just like this trading example over on YouTube.

It’s got a few ‘gold nuggets’ and hints within for those of you who haven’t taken one of our courses.

Once you start to think like this, you soon realise that there are biases and repeat patterns everywhere you turn. It’s just a case of knowing their motivating factors, and then acting on them quick enough!

Once you understand the order-flow and market sentiment, you can start thinking about letting the profits run. Similarly, you’ll already notice declining momentum, teeing you up to close losses shorter.

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