How to Avoid KYC Gambling Checks | Know Your Customer

KYC checks are being used by gambling companies more than ever before, and it’s only going to get worse…

Frequently we see prohibitive regulation being used as a means to delay and avoid paying out winnings. So in this article, we’re going to show you a handful of ways to avoid KYC checks.

What is a KYC Gambling Check?

KYC stands for ‘Know Your Customer’ or sometimes, ‘Know Your Client’. Historically, it’s been a sequence of checks that Banks are mandated to carry out on new customers. There are several reasons for the checks, ranging from verifying identity to anti-money laundering and fraud.

Aside from the reasons mentioned, gambling companies in the UK are now being pressured to carry out KYC checks to check customer ‘affordability’ and reduce gambling harm. If you’ve had a KYC request from a gambling company, it’s likely this is the reason.

Know Your Customer Abuse Problems:

There are several unsolved issues when it comes to KYC and gambling. Firstly, affordability and KYC assumes that wealthy people cannot have a gambling problem. Secondly, gambling companies are routinely abusing these regulative measures for their own benefit.

It’s not unusual to hear that gambling company has demanded KYC verification from winning customers after they have successfully made a profit. In some instances, they have withheld winnings and refused payout. In others, they have trawled customers bank statements for evidence of matched betting before restricting or closing their accounts.

Thirdly, some companies are also believed to have used customers bank statements (under the guise of KYC) to profile and exploit them for maximum profits. Again, it’s assumed that gambling cannot be harmful so long as the end-user can afford it.

How to Avoid KYC Checks Legally:

It’s not all doom and gloom though! Getting around KYC checks is extremely simple if you should want to continue betting…

Here are 4 simple ways to circumvent the checks below:

  • Register for crypto betting products online
  • Use a high street bookmaker (KYC checks do not apply here)
  • Register for more and more bookies betting small amounts with each
  • Acquire the assistance of friends and tip them off

The first point above is likely to be the most popular as there are no KYC checks with many crypto-based betting products. They are totally unregulated and you can gain access to them online quite easily. Being registered in countries like Curaçao and used on the blockchain makes for an easy solution.

Depending on your betting style, the following 3 options may be a little more problematic although the reality is – if you want to bet, it’s easily doable.

The UK high streets are full of different bookmaking brands, often a stone’s throw apart. Professional punters have been giving friends ‘tips’ for decades so they may get on in places that they would otherwise be unwelcome and there are hundreds of betting sites on the internet. Placing smaller bets of less than £100 a month or so makes it really quite easy to carry on betting vast sums KYC free.

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