July Horse Racing…. Prime time to profit


Where does the time go? July is nearly over already once more….

It seems this year has come and passed in the blink of an eyelid. Goodwood is practically upon us once more, which leaves me feeling a little sad in a way. Trading throughout March – September is by far the most enjoyable for me.

July is always one of the most profitable months of the year with the selection of evening racing on offer. Plenty of decent daytime racing too means its like Christmas all month-long! This last week has been very good for me. It’s strange how sometimes everything just goes right at once. Liquidity on the whole has been pretty good this week, markets trading smoothly. At a push I might even say less ‘funny business’ with the sharks knocking the market about. Often it’s hard to know if that really is the case or just my perception as I’ve pulled some nice figures.

When I look back to where I was a couple of years ago in this post, it’s hard to believe there has been so much improvement. If you were to tell me back then I’d manage three times the amount I wouldn’t believe it!

After Goodwood things will die down a little, before the dreaded ‘Octember’ part of the year. I’ll spend some time researching then no doubt, and maybe a little reward in the form of some time off. I’ve been holding off on the Holidays this year, but it’s starting to prove tough now. I could really do with a break away. It seems more like 5 years than 5 months since I last went, that said I think it’s a bit more sensible to slow on the spending!

Last year this time I took my son to Turkey. With the school holiday now on im tempted to book another – any suggestions on where to go are welcome!

In the mean time look out for any Back-to-Lays…. this week on Twitter/Facebook it’s been two from two! (recordings below)

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