3 Cheltenham Tips: Exploiting Potent Markets

Cheltenham Tips 2019

Every year people around me ask; got any Cheltenham tips?

But as we know, sports trading doesn’t work like that, it never will (for me at least).

However, Cheltenham’s a big event and the buzz often makes it feel special. So here are my pre-festival Cheltenham trading tips for traders this week…

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Cheltenham Tips 2019: Huge Potential…

What’s the big deal?

Well, if it wasn’t obvious already – a big festival like Cheltenham means;

  • more betting volume
  • more media coverage
  • more trading time

And of course, less risk when using larger stakes – because the market can take them.

Generally speaking, there’s just more opportunity. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easier to trade, or it will suit everyone’s style. Sticking to what you know is usually best.

Cheltenham tips 2019

The increased betting volumes close to the start will suit those who prefer scalping small moves, and especially those who make the majority of their income via automation.

Unfortunately, automation’s not a viable option for many though, it’s a complex business with the consistent winners often beating everyone else to market (via custom-built software, built for purpose).

With so much recreational money bouncing about a few quick wins could come from the daily front-runner’s page. There’s a good chance you’ll find one or two nice leaders and more money left about in the market than usual as it goes in-play. The downside is – even the in-play markets will have more volume, meaning they aren’t so skittish as a race starts…

The biggest opportunities are typically in the dying seconds before the post. If there’s a false start, trading the market while horses re-group is also a good tip. You’ll reap the benefits of a high turnover market without the walls of unmatched trader’s cash!

How to Beat the Crowd…

That last line is one little thing to look out for, but there are plenty of other ways to beat people to the market.

Being prepared, and getting there early is always a bonus at Cheltenham. Another top tip would be to increase your trading balance if you can. Not because you should be staking more (you might want to) but because being able to place more bets in the market early is a mini-edge in itself.

One of the biggest frustrations for new traders at Cheltenham is getting matched quickly enough. If this is your first, there’s going to be some big piles of money around the available prices. You want to be able to position yourself freely without restrictions caused by a small bank. Absorbing all that lovely recreational punter’s money is the game at Cheltenham, it can’t be done on a baby balance.

This may not be for everyone of course and should come with the warning of overstaking. If you’ve got an itchy trigger finger then having a balance beyond comfort is a bad call.

Remember this simple truth: it’s not just what you do, but when you do it.

Winning by 1,000 Cuts:

It’s like that old saying in reverse ‘death by 1,000 cuts‘. There’s heaps going on this week, masses of money, loads of hype and bucket-loads of BS. Don’t get sucked in by it all, and don’t change what you’re doing. Stick with it, and continually nick little pieces of value here and there.

You don’t have to solve the puzzle of the Cheltenham markets by any stretch, they’re so big that a couple of tiny slithers will bring a healthy return. I’m aiming this as scalpers more than anything. Be grateful, not greedy!

This also applies if you usually make your cash matched betting. Trading might be your future focus, but if there’s easy money to be had and you’re used to doing that, pick it up. It’d be foolish not to.

Trading is a game of inches, none more so than at big events like Cheltenham. Let the little tweaks add up doing the hard work for you. With that in mind, it might also be worth looking at Betdaq or Smarkets this week on some lower commission.

The Cheltenham Mindset:

A rather bold subheading for sure, but an important point. A trading mindset isn’t the easiest thing to crack at times, particularly when market characteristics suddenly change. This could benefit you of course, but if you usually struggle with lower volatility higher matched volume markets – be careful. 

Trading Cheltenham is an acquired taste. You have to work around the market when trading, there’s no hiding it. It’s simply a fact.

So if you know these style markets are more challenging than usual for you, prepare. Approach them with fewer expectations and added patience, you’ll be far better for it over the week’s duration.

As I explain in this clip; there’s no point approaching unique situations like they’re a standard weekday market…

But that’s not all…

Remember the races in between the festival. The ‘filler’ cards as I like to call them. They’ll still be tradeable, but you may well see some Cheltenham punters over-spill into them (and some trading sharks sat around waiting for vulnerable prey).

It’s a regular occurrence that happens every year – new traders settle into the Cheltenham cards to have a few bumper results before getting robbed on the low-quality fillers. Don’t let that be you, because the market is always happy to relieve you of your hard-earnt.

Tips From Past Years:

Some have already been mentioned briefly, but here’s a quick list of tips to bear in mind as a trader this week:

  1. Don’t dive in feet first on day one (work into the week)
  2. Increase balance for freedom of movement if possible
  3. Make full use of longer trading windows
  4. Increase awareness of mindset whilst trading (be patient)
  5. Focus on the highly televised races (massive volume)
  6. Exploit turnover very close to post for quick results

Be careful on that last one, it’s not a guaranteed win and you can lose just as fast. However, if you are comfortable with turning over money fast it’s likely to suit you a lot.

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