What a LOSER!

Healthy Fat Loss Breakfast

It’s been a tricky week for the 90 Day Challenge, although we’re still winning…

I just wanted to say a quick thank-you to all of the comments, suggestions and support from followers and readers. Without them, I doubt things would be going as smoothly.

As always, seeking the most direct path is the most rewarding. Having all of you guys throw in your own experiences and know-how has speeded up the learning process for me. Truth be told, before now I’ve never shown my interest in my diet (mistake).

Here’s a quick update along with a deeper look at the things that are really making a difference…

Quick note: Before continuing, I’ve noticed a couple of others doing similar challenges. One or two have had a hard time with people saying they’re “copying” me*. Whilst its well documented that certain sources attempt to copy my articles and YouTubes, I wanted to say; don’t give them a hard time it’s great to see others making healthy choices whilst holding themselves accountable!

I fully support it and look forward to seeing their progress too.

*Disclaimer: I’m not the first person to lose weight and even if I was, I wouldn’t feel as though I own it.


Speedy Progress!

Okay, to be bluntly honest – it’s not been a straight line has it. Last weeks ‘trick or treating’ might have caught me out a little too…

However, there are a handful of things I’m finding to be potent in my weight-loss armoury:

  • Keto Foods
  • Very Low Carbohydrates
  • Intermittent Fasting

Disclaimer #2: I’m not a dietician or health professional, I’m just sharing my experiences.

The 3 above seem to work really well for me. Not just because I’ve dropped weight doing them (with several hiccups) but because they benefit me in other areas.

Such as:

  • Targetted Fat Loss
  • Enhanced Focus
  • General Feeling / Energy Levels
  • Better Sleep

The best bit – it’s not that difficult to keep up, nor do I find myself feeling hungry or thinking about food all day.


It might not look that appetising but quick lunches like the above are making all the difference. The Avacado, Egg and Stilton make it heavy enough to feel like you’ve not been ripped off with a box full of rabbit food. The major plus being carbs are extremely low.

I can’t remember who it was, but a massive thanks to whoever shared the macro calculator. Doing a little research into this and learning how to use it has made a big difference.

I’ve been trying to keep my carbohydrate intake to below 10% of my daily diet with protein around 28% and fats making up the rest. The top foods that are helping me hit those percentages are; Salmon, Steak, Chicken, Green salad, Egg, Tuna, Avacado, Greek Yoghurt, Blueberries, Flax & Chia Seeds.

The Downside…

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, the hardest part is getting into ketosis and staying there. It seems like carbs and distractions are everywhere… the slightest thing can throw it right off. I’ve started to monitor it with testing strips.

I think this challenge will have altered my overall daily diet once I hit the target, although I’m unlikely to carry on being so extreme. Fortunately, I don’t need to lose a kilo a week forever!

Once again: big thank you to all the helpful comments on the blog! Will continue to update the new goal blog each week (find it via the challenges section on the side-bar).

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4 thoughts on “What a LOSER!

  1. Good going Caan! You forgot strawberries and double cream, and lamb legs are going cheap (sorry, good value!) at Lidl. Also OPPO icecream is proper dairy icecream that is low carb and tastes ‘proper’. The foods to look forward to when you’ve hit your goal… 🙂
    Keep up the good work, and absolutely every confidence that you will hit your goals!
    And also a BIG THANKYOU for this blog (finally read it all!), this forum and your other project! Nearly got a decent trading bank together with backup and going through your book list.
    Meanwhile, I will try the avocado, Stilton and egg idea. Looks delish!
    Best Wishes, Lou

  2. Followed a similar path (low carbs)last year. Lost 3 stone in 3 months joining gym obviously helped, I was 22st to start. Steak with a slice of blue cheese on wrapped in bacon with a few veg a particular fav. Eggs,bacon and mushroom also became friends.

  3. Hi Caan, congratulations on your great progress. I left a comment on your YouTube video and you said I should look here re your progress and I ended up buying your trading course, lost a few unexpected pounds there 🙂

    I am week 5 (coming to the end of it) of week 9 of couch to 5K. I am not doing the measurements that you are doing regarding individual metrics such as water etc. I am doing purely weight as an overall figure and guide and combining that with diet. I do the C25K program 3 times a week, each part lasts for roughly 45minutes. I do some light weights (kettle bells) on the gap days for about 10 minutes.

    I have a vegetrian (vegan) diet and get protein from plants or a powder. I can now run for 20 minutes (week5) from never having run since school days. The long term objective being to run 5K at the end of week 9.

    My total loss after 5 weeks is exactly 1stone (6.35Kg). I am focussed on repeating that loss again by Dec 16th, so that’s my target 2stone (12.7kg) and then by the last week of January to have got to 3 stone loss (19kg). The total would be 12 weeks as opposed to your 10 but it’s just how my timings worked out.

    I am older and much heavier than you but I thought it useful to show others that there are different paths to similar goals. I don’t have your sophisticated data measurements but I have dropped from 135/95 blood pressure (Which is high blood pressure stage 1 to 120/ 78 (fairly consistently, now ideal to normal blood pressure) so that’s a key metric in the sense my body isn’t under as much cardiovascular strain.

    I wish you continued success with your goals and a nice new wardrobe ahead. My unworn Kors, Boss etc bought at a stone heavier for the winter ahead will now be appearing on Ebay soon 🙂

    Best wishes David

  4. Be careful to not allow your metabolism to drop to much Caan, cutting out more than a 1000 calories a day can significantly lower it, I’ve been eating healthier now for a while, I still indulge from time to time and treat it more like a longterm lifestyle change, keep your muscle levels up (I walk a lot) and do everything to keep your metabolism up, once to drops I’ve heard to can be extremely difficult to get back. That’s why a lot of people who diet end up putting it back on quickly. Very well done though I have a huge amount of respect for you and idolise what you’ve become, I honestly feel I found were I belong, cheers mate

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