How Much Can You Make From Matched Betting?

Matched betting is without doubt the simplest way to make a profit from sports betting. Anyone who is looking to make money online will find it attractive for a few reasons…

  • It is a very simple process (anyone can do it)
  • Profitable and time-effective (possible with a mobile phone)
  • Tax-free (making it even more attractive)

The question remains though, as easy and effective as matched betting is, how much can you actually make from matched betting?

We brought in someone with over 15 years of experience in the field of matched betting to answer that question.

Matched Betting Profits In 2024

Matched betting involves taking advantage of bookmaker promotions and offers to make a profit. It can be broken up into various different categories.

  1. Sign Up Offers
  2. Recurring Offers 
  3. Arbitrage Betting Opportunities

These are the three main area’s where you can make money using matched betting strategies. In this article, we are going to break down the potential profit you can make from each strategy.

Sign-Up Offers – Estimated Profit = £884

Sign-up offers represent the low-hanging fruit of the matched betting world. A normal sign-up may require you to bet £20 in order to get a £20 free bet.

Utilizing a matched betting strategy we can cover all outcomes on both bets and lock in a profit of around £15 from this type of offer.

Currently, in 2024 there is a profit of £884 to be made from these simple sign-up offers.

Recurring Offers  – Estimated Average Monthly Profit = £500

After you have completed the simple sign-up offers. We then move on to recurring offers and promotions that you can take advantage of.

These are promotions such as:

Getting involved with these offers can make you a monthly profit of around £500. These are recurring offers so unlike sign-up offers you can repeat these daily/weekly.

Arbitrage Betting Opportunities – Estimated Average Monthly Profit = £100+

Arbitrage betting strategy involves covering all outcomes of an event to guarantee a profit. This strategy does not involve using a free bet but capitalizes on slow-moving bookmakers, each way terms and bookmakers boosted prices.

Above is an example of a small arbitrage bet.

Girona can be backed to win at odds of 2.64 and layed (backed not to win) at odds of 2.54. This covers all outcomes that can happen in the game. No matter the outcome a profit of £2.66 per £100 staked will be made.

This is known as a 2.66% arbitrage bet.

How Much Can You Make Matched Betting in 2024

Overall how much then can you estimate to make from matched betting in the year 2024?

A first-time matched bettor can make +£884 from sign-up offers. Then around £600 a month from recurring offers and arbitrage opportunities.

Let’s take a look then at how much you could roughly expect to make in your first year of matched betting!

£600 (arbitrage and recurring offers profit) x 12 (monthly) = £7200£7200 + £884 (sign up offers) = £8084

A fair estimation of how much you could make from matched betting in 2024 from a set of brand-new accounts is just over £8000.

If you would like to start matched betting, we recommend taking up a free trial with Oddsmonkey.

Is There Any Downside To Matched Betting?

Limitations and account restrictions are the reality of matched betting. Whilst there is still a decent opportunity to make a profit from matched betting, as highlighted in this article.

Your opportunity to make these profits starts to reduce as time goes on. This is due to bookmakers not wanting winning players of any manner. The monthly profit that you can make in the first few months starts to reduce as time goes on.

If you are looking for an online income that you can scale? I would suggest looking at our article below!

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4 thoughts on “How Much Can You Make From Matched Betting?

  1. Hi caan, quick message if you don’t mind, followed your videos for a while now big fan of your work, basically I’m planning to start matched betting full time soon enough as I think I have gained enough knowledge of betting and MB’ing to make a living from it. Im just wondering why do you not matched bet on the exchanges rather than trade? Seems to me MB’ing on the exchanges would be more profitable but I’m no expert on reading price movements in the markets in order to trade them. Hope you get a chance to read this and would appreciate you replying. Thanks

    1. Matched betting isn’t worth my time personally. It’s not remotely close to the profits of trading, even after premium charges.

  2. Hi Caan, appreciate the quick reply. Can I ask why this is without you giving away too much information. Seems to me that there’s a much bigger margin to profit by arbing on the exchanges rather than trading

  3. Hi Anthony, there’s far more on offer with trading for several reasons…

    1) one side of your betting doesnt get restricted for succeeding like it does with matched betting/arbing.
    2) you can make far more per trade because you are only limited by market liquidity instead of a sportsbook or bonus offer. Races turn over 00’s of 000’s every race instead of a £20 bonus offer or arb of £50-£100 (before being restricted).
    3) you can trade every market freely and find many edges and advantages on an exchange but arbs aren’t every market and or bonus offers matched betting aren’t endless.

    So overall it’s a case of less limitations, bigger opportunities and more opportunities 🙂

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