Personal Trading Development – Beliefs

It Comes Before Everything…

A short clip from me out-lining something that helped me take a leap forward in the markets some time ago just by making some subtle changes…

 Apologies for the camera dipping in and out of focus at times (first recording like this)

Quite simply…. What’s the point in having a Ferrari if you aren’t going to let it to go over 30 mph?

“It is in self-limitation that a master first shows himself” – Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

My Experience…

I feel quite passionate about this topic.

The reason being, because when I made a conscious effort to change the way I think… many other things shifted too. I can’t think of any of them that were negative either. Some of you will be rolling you’re eyes right now no doubt, but how much did it help? Seriously, try coming at things from a different angle and watch what happens…

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7 thoughts on “Personal Trading Development – Beliefs

  1. Hi Caan, excellent video mate. Once you warmed up, i could see your passion and enthusiasm as bright as day! Your sincerity will help a lot of people go for what they want and truly believe that they can achieve their goals.


  2. Excellent video Caan,for me you hit the nail on the head, you have to have self belief,without it doubts creep in and mistakes happen.

  3. Really nice video, keep’em coming Caan.

    Although this may give give excessive confidence, we must be able to get out in Red and not stand there wishing the markets turn again for us. But I see that you are focusing on the mental part, not so much on the actual Betfair trading.

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