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William Hill Account Restriction Problems | How to Proceed…

If your William Hill account has just been restricted, you’re probably in shock.

Many recreational bettors don’t realise this happens, but it’s way more common than the bookies would have you think. William Hill restricts betting accounts if they think you have a chance of beating them longer term. It’s the harsh reality.

In this article, I will explain why William Hill restrict betting accounts, how limits and restrictions are triggered and your best possible solution, depending on the situation.

Let’s get into it…

Note: The simplest solution is to get a betting Exchange account where you’ll never be limited again.

Why Do William Hill Stake Limit Bets?

William Hill restricted betting accounts and limit stakes because it makes them more money, it’s that simple

In most cases, they only restrict sports bets because they want you to carry on using the casino or games. To close your account would be foolish, as you just can’t win using those types of products (excluding a few very high turnover, low-margin strategies).

Take a look at the bet slip below. Being restricted to a payout of £1.25, you’re certainly not going to be making money anytime soon.

stake limited

They know it’s not fair, although it is legal – which is why they do it.

I don’t believe William Hill close winning accounts unless it’s due to affordability checks and problem gambling. However, they may as well close your account if they’re going to stake limit you to pennies like this. It’s a kind of ‘stealth ban’ when you think about it.

The selection process they use is pretty cunning too…

How Does William Hill Decide Which Accounts to Restrict?

William Hill appears to use a value factoring system, like many other big betting brands.

The algorithms are designed to recognise when a customer is betting at value. This is very important to understand as it’s not necessarily about how much money you have won or lost. You could have lost lots of money on your account via a bad run of variance. However,  William Hill knows that you will eventually come out on top and beat them. This is why their algorithms focus on value instead of profits.

By limiting Stakes they can limit the amount of value that you take.

To the average better this becomes confusing because some VIP customers will undoubtedly be allowed to bet Stakes of £2,000, £5,000 or even £10,000 at a time. The algorithm allows them to do this because their bets will be poor value (losers long term). There’s a video on YouTube here that explains the process many of the large betting brands use today.

In theory, this would also mean that if you suddenly change your betting activity to backing poor value selections, then William Hill could lift restriction limits.

Personally, I haven’t seen anybody who has done this successfully though, which would indicate their system work with a combination of value taking and bottom-line profit.

What to Do if William Hill Refuse Paying Out:

In the modern world, bookmakers will do anything to refuse paying out. William Hill included, as you can see from this article here reported in the Liverpool Echo where William Hill tried to avoid paying out based on a betting slip error.

The reality is; it was totally obvious which selection and event they had taken the customers money on.

In most cases, William Hill and companies like William Hill are simply hoping that the general public will not pursue such problems in the courts. They know it takes so much time, resource and money to do it. Again, it’s a dirty tactic to grind you down and avoid them being hit in the pocket…

If William Hill does refuse to pay out then I would advise following the process shared in the YouTube video below. There are specific processes in place to make a complaint and win a dispute against the bookmaker’s unfair behaviour.

I have to stress: you must follow the procedure and complete the early steps if you wish to succeed later on. In most cases it takes less than 30 minutes.

William Hill Account Closure

If you experience these problems the best advice that I can give you is to close your William Hill account. Ask them to to remove your data from all of their systems before opening an account with an exchange where they won’t limit or restrict you from making a profit.

By asking them to remove your data from their systems, you could be doing yourself a favour in the future. Often, these large betting firms buy out smaller firms meaning they can cross-reference you as a successful customer at a later date. Potentially affecting your betting activity in the future.

Obviously, this won’t get your betting account back, but it will give them a little extra work to do whilst preventing future problems. Unfortunately, there’s not much else you can do account closures and restrictions are commonplace in the betting industry today.

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12 thoughts on “William Hill Account Restriction Problems | How to Proceed…

  1. In good faith I put on EW bets on the grand national. My understanding is that the horse starts and finishes, you get paid.

    William hill refused to pay my bet for 2 of my horses that past the post.

    I stood to win just under £200. They changed there bet as soon as the race was won. I got a note stating they are not paying out on these bets. How much of a con is this once again William hill are crooks. The gambling commission should do something. This is year 2 now that they have committed

  2. Ime with William Hill out of the blue they have restricted me from all free bet promotions they said it was something to do with safer gambling they are free bets but it’s OK that I spend money on normal betting I don’t get it

    1. Exactly same thing happened to me beginning of October 2022. I can deposit, withdraw and bet/play normally, but all promotions ( expect silly bet boosts) are gone.

  3. I won some money from some free spins , did a withdrawal request an got what was left up to 138 then I was locked out. I received a email saying I was able to use the service bit no bonuses or promotions
    I sent I.d to verify now thee asking me to take a photo of me holding my passport, proof of address and my username written on piece of paper.
    They are quite happy to accept deposits without being verified. What a scam

  4. Need to flush william hill down the toilet, retricted me on free promotions also but take hundreds of pounds no problem. They are a toxic brand.

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