Speaking to a Bookie! An Alternative Look…

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It’s not often you get to talk to a bookmaker to hear their perspective on the problems they face…

So if you have missed it then it’s well worth listening to the phone conversation I have with Ben Keith the CEO of Star sports bookmakers via the video below. It’s a little longer than usual but is totally worth it especially if you have a long journey where you can only listen.

Speaking to a Successful Bookmaker:

Love or hate the answers, it’s good to hear from the other side of the fence. I doubt many bookies would have been so willing to come on and chat!

Credit where it’s due then asked some difficult questions around restricting accounts, affordability checks and people who often beat the line (price).

Whilst I don’t think it’s particularly reasonable the bookmakers are able to behave in some of the ways they do it was interesting to hear Ben’s perspective. It must be extremely difficult trying to satisfy government regulation,n paying the price for it, and having people exploit the weak areas of your business. But as Ben says, it’s a battle!

I hope you enjoyed this video we are looking at doing more interviews with industry names, so if you have a suggestion of somebody you would like me to talk to then please leave it in the comments below. Even better, if you have a specific question add that too!

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3 thoughts on “Speaking to a Bookie! An Alternative Look…

  1. What a nice guy so if you win you’re a bank robber and if you lose you’re a good customer. It’s great to see what we’re up against!

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