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Betting People

Recently I appeared on the popular Betting People Series with Star Sports. A YouTube series dedicated to interviewing industry names…

I’ve done one or two interviews in the past but this 4-part series is likely to be more interesting than most. Simon Nott didn’t beat about the bush, coming up with some unique and original questions.

In an industry where there is much deception and pantomime, it was refreshing to be asked direct questions (and give the answers).

Betting People With Star Sports

You can check out part 1 of the series below (search their channel for parts 3-4).

Episodes 2, 3 and 4 delve further into my experiences with sports trading on the exchanges and several other topics.

Betting People Series:

In my opinion, the Betting People series doesn’t get enough exposure. Maybe it’s just because I’ve featured myself, but I spent a little time flicking around their channel page, which led to interesting interviews with other industry professionals. To name a few, Neil Channing, John McCririck, Nick Goff and Steve Mellish.

Inside the Betting People series, you can learn more about how some of the betting industries leading names come to achieve their status. There’s a mixture of professional gamblers, horse racing pundits, poker players and bookmakers to choose from. Sometimes the background story is not what you expect!

Further Episodes With Me (Caan Berry)

Each episode in the series with me was around 12-14 minutes with lots of topics being covered. I’ve added a couple of direct links and brief descriptions encase there’s a specific topic you want to hear about. If you would like to see the following parts of the above interview, please select a link below.

You can find them here:

  • Part 2** – Betfair Association, Tipsters, The Industry, Matched Betting.
  • Part 3 – My Motivations, Stake Sizes, Sharp Money & Haters.
  • Part 4– Evolving Strategy, Pitfalls and Understanding Betting.

I hope you enjoy watching them!

More About Me – My Story: How I Became a Betfair Trader

**a slightly shorter version of this video has replaced the original due to threats of legal action from a mainstream media source.

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  1. Hey Caan I was really enjoying watching this interview and had one part left but they have been removed? Can you tell me where to see it?

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