Reflection, Focusing On The Bright Spots….

Bright Spots…


[Posted: January 28, 2012]

Looking at the last couple of weeks trading, coupled with the comment from ‘Peter’ on the previous post. I’ve taken some time to reflect.

Looking at how I am now and how I have been in the past, shows a constant theme. I have quite a persistent personality, which can be found to be responsible for quite a few things when I think about it…

Where? Why?

I can’t really pinpoint where it comes from or why. But I know from past experience; being aware of something (and being brutally honest about it) can help quite a lot.

Thankfully I don’t struggle with being honest to myself, as I know some people do particularly with gambling! After all, that’s how so many people get themselves in a mess right?!

Anyhow, I’m sure it’s something I’ll ponder a little more. I’ve said before it’s quite destructive to focus on the negatives, by focusing on the positives is far more productive!

So as advised in the book I read and mentioned some time back ‘switch’ I’m going to focus on my bright spots. My methods that work, regardless of the profit they yield.


I really enjoy pre-race trading and its something I’m improving with. As I mentioned before Christmas though, the in-play markets are quite interesting. I’m not sure if it’ll become a permanent fixture just yet though.

As the markets fluidity is rather poor at the moment I’m going to spend a little time opting out of the markets all together (on an In-Play basis, maybe I’ll bend the rules on Saturdays) and just constantly apply the methods I have for in running as its far more difficult for them in running markets to be skewed by manipulation, something I feel this time of year thrives in the pre-race markets. Also, it should free up some time for me to watch the runner prior to the start. I have already tried this since my last post on Thursday and Friday evening meetings…. guess what, couple of the better days I’ve had over the past couple of weeks!

I’m moving into a new place this week coming so a little break should help too! the pain of moving eh… on the bright side though I have my boy this weekend which is good. I hope those that have traded had a good one!

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2 thoughts on “Reflection, Focusing On The Bright Spots….

  1. Hi Caan,
    Some advice, unless you really know what you are doing with in play horse racing it’s a fast way to lose money. I have done it in the past, and yes you’ll win a few here and there, but ultimately lose money.
    In my humble opinion, you should ALWAYS gett in and out of horse racing prior to the start of the race, because once it goes in running any horse can win. Anyways, you don’t have to listen, but those are my thoughts.

  2. Hi 500 – 5000, i dont ‘go in running’ when im pre race trading, im talking about trading the prices only while in the run. Their are patterns inplay too you know, if you find them they can be really quite rewarding if you catch it right too… it is possible to consistently win in-play, as i am at the moment. Good luck!

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