New Betfair Scalping Video Course Tutorials Available…

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The newly improved Betfair scalping video course module is now available!

Last week we added a bunch of new video tutorials for the Betfair scalpers section of the video pack course. This blog details what’s been added, where you can see the new videos for yourself and what existing members are saying about it (this upgrade is free for existing users).

Betfair Scalping Video Course:

As part of the video course package, we have a module dedicated to scalping strategy. Until last week, it only included 10 or so videos…

Now, there are significantly more. Designed and created over the last few months we have added a comprehensive step-by-step set of tutorials that explain all of the key areas for effective scalping. Taking a deeper dive on each of them one by one.

The existing Betfair scalping videos remain, showing my own trades on-screen in Betfair’s exchange markets. However, following user feedback, the new course videos break down the process of scalping, how and why it works, identifies indicators and explains the best methods of execution. As you’ll see from the members comments below, it a compelling update.

Note: those who have purchased the Betfair scalping course module alone in the past also have access.

Course testimonial: click the image to enlarge.

Betfair Scalping Update:

The 10 new tutorials cover key areas such as…

  • Directional scalping
  • Price ranges
  • Risk and Exposure
  • Volumes and Liquidity
  • Scratch trading
  • Staking

Some of the new additions come within a presentation format with on-screen prompts and annotations. We have also slowed some of the video explanations down for clarity (because we can’t slow the markets down!).

Also, they are not ready yet, but there’s more tutorials to come.

If you’re not an existing member, you can see the video pack course here.

Scalping Course Feedback:

So far, the Betfair trading community members said this of the Betfair scalping course update…

Forum Testamonial
Betfair scalping course feedback.

Long-term users have noticed the difference in production quality and planning…

Forum Testamonial3
Members community feedback.

All customers get access to the private Betfair community forum with the course.

For Existing Course Users:

To access the new content, log in to your account as you would usually.

Upon selecting your course from the community dashboard ensure that you select ‘expand all’. By doing this you will be presented with the full course structure.

New Betfair scalping course videos will be on the list and their progress icon will be blue, unlike the previously completed videos and checklists (green when marked complete).

Modular progression levels will remain green if you have previously marked it complete.

If you have lost your password, please use the reset link provided on the login page or contact customer support where someone will be happy to help.

10 thoughts on “New Betfair Scalping Video Course Tutorials Available…

  1. Hi. It may be just me but I’m only seeing 9 modules instead of what should now appears to be 10?

  2. I have seen several of your videos on youtube and I would like to buy the “Pre Race Trading” guide and video pach course.
    I haven’t an efficient understanding of English yet, is there the possibility of using a translator / subtitles for videos, like on youtube?
    Thanks for your time

    1. Hi Nuno, all of the video pack course videos come with transcription that is possible to put into google translate yes. The trading guide PDF is in that format so it wouldn’t be possible to cut and paste.

  3. hello caan, hope you are well, could you please advise me on the best app to benefit my trading on betfair exchange? i can only use my android phone so I obviously can’t use software like geeks toy. also thank you for all of your information on your channel

  4. Hello Caan !!
    I saw a video of you where you placed stakes positioned on the market and always appeared with slightly different values so that the market did not realize that this money was from the same person. In your videos I see a geegs toy tool with the name psycho. As I can get different tools in the geegs toy, I have already sent an email to the geegs support and they don’t answer me. If you can help me in this matter and exchange an idea of personalized tools in the geegs toy, I would be very grateful. It was something very important for my trading and I can’t speak to anyone to help me with this problem.

  5. Caan watch all your YouTube videos, would like your take on the premium charge.See all these professionals on Facebook saying they make fortunes yet they never mention paying the premium charge and I know for a fact if they are as successful as they say over the period of time they say they have been trading they would have to be paying it.

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