At Last… Slowing Down. Plus Trading Guide Update Inbound

Slow Down

Finally! A chance to wind it down a bit.

If this is your first summer trading, you’ll find the coming months are about to go though a bit of a transitional period.

Jumps racing will come to the fore. Amount of races scheduled will die down, and the markets will get a bit thinner for a while.


In recent years I’ve just carried on as usual during this period. Maybe added a few bits to the guide or video pack, but generally just carried on.

From September on wards the markets can be a little dull at first. In my first year of trading full-time it left me feeling a bit anxious. Not because it was impossible to trade but because you suddenly go from heaps and heaps of races to far less. And of what there is, it’s not always the best quality. The all-weather will kick in of an evening more for the part-timers so that’s something to focus on. RUK at Kempton being the most favourable of an evening.

This year I’m thinking I need to do something different.

What should I do to mix things up a little? A mini-challenge maybe? Another break away? Nothing?

For a while I’ve been meaning to upgrade the pre-race trading guide. It’s been a while since I did it last, and I’ve made a whole load of notes and points that need adding in. Some of which I’ve meant to for quite a while. Beyond that I may look for an extra winter project.

Pre-Race Trading Guide Upgrade:

So as I say, an update is inbound! When? I’m not going to put a date on it, although it will be shortly…

There’s usually one topic that readers ask for a little extra clarification on so I’ll be adding a packet to that specific area. I’ve made it my goal to make sure the topics discussed are crystal clear. No stone upturned as they say. I’m not a fan of ‘fluff’ and ‘padding’ and like to get straight to the point (not everyone likes that approach it I know). But there’s plenty extra to contribute.

Going deeper on the existing topics isn’t the only addition though. There will be some new extra’s.

For existing guide users I’ll put a shout out once released. As usual, the new, revised and updated trading guide will appear within the user portal to see. Also you may have noticed a couple of complimentary video clips alongside the existing documents in recent weeks. If you haven’t logged in for a while take a peek! …but remember, the best is still to come.

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Recent YouTube Explainers…

Not so long ago I put up a couple of very short, explanation videos on YouTube (like the one below). It was just a little tester really.

I’d like to know: Did you find them more interesting than the Q & A vlogs?

Let me know below: 

12 thoughts on “At Last… Slowing Down. Plus Trading Guide Update Inbound

  1. Hi Caan,
    Just a quick reply to your question. Personally, I have no preference to the format you use – as long as you keep the message clear, I reckon we’re on a winner.
    All the best

  2. Hi caan I sometime ago bought your pre racing guide and found it very useful but it has somehow disappeared from my laptop and cannot be found is there any chance you would oblige me by sending another copy with thanks

  3. hi caan
    i have the pre race guide can you please point me in the direction of the extra videos you mention


    1. Hi Paul, if you log in to the members area on the header bar it will be presented there.

      There is a password reset option if you cannot remember it.

      If you purchased the guide some time ago or on a geekstoy promotion then your login may need reconfiguring. Please email the support email with your PayPal transaction ID if this is the case and one of the team will get it amended for you.


  4. Hey Caan, great to see theres more coming!

    Just wanted to say thanks. Thanks to your help the guide has really opened my eyes up and I am no longer losing money every day haha

    S x

  5. I think a combination of both Q&A and selecting your own topics to cover is good! Like the weight of money video – clear and concise. I’m just coming back into trying some more trading and feel like the penny might be starting to drop watching back through the video pack! Definitely pick up something new each time I watch! Keep up the good work.

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