TAX Laws to Change…

There’s been a few changes recently. Not great one’s I’m afraid to say!

To that end, this is just a quick post to keep you updated:

Tax Changes

You may have seen this posted elsewhere by now, but unfortunately as of the 1st of January the VAT threshold is being removed for anyone selling digital services or products to customers in the EU. VAT is to be charged at the rate of the customers country after this change.

Not so long ago after the Video Pack update I got a few emails telling me those that had purchased it thought it was under-priced and was pondering on an increase. However due to this new change I’ll be leaving it at the current price as a fair amount of previous customers will find this new change effecting them. It’s pretty frustrating but with it being forced upon us I don’t have any option but to pass the charge onto those purchasing from the effected locations.

VAT Changes can be found Here.


If you’re thinking of purchasing either the Video Pack or Trading Guide soon and are in an EU country it might be best to do so before January 2015 (end of this month) to avoid paying the additional VAT charge.

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