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Got a suggestion? Some feedback? Something you really want to see in our trading videos?

Over the next week (ending Sunday 24th) we’re going to be sifting through your feedback to update and improve dramatically. See the details below to get the most out of this opportunity…

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Updates Are Coming…

Now there’s a lull in sporting activity we’re going to be adding a batch of updates to the racing and football video courses (at no extra cost). So with that in mind, we’d love to hear your suggestions.

Due to the volume of emails we’re likely to receive, we ask that you keep your points as clear and concise as possible. Preferably, 3-5 bullet points with no more than a couple of sentences each.

Please state:

  • Which course/product you are making reference to.
  • What you would like to see added and why.
  • How it would improve the course experience.
  • If you previously felt something was unclear or missing.

We’ll review all submissions the following week and get started on the upgrade. We’ll do our best to act on every submission, prioritising suggestions that were submitted by multiple users.

Let us know at:

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17 thoughts on “Tell Us What You Want To See! Betfair Trading Videos…

  1. Hi…I just want to see in the video why a back or lay trade was set… what is the reason for that, based on what we know in which direction the price will go. What are the indicators that indicate the direction of the price. What should I look for?

  2. More examples involving lower liquidity/ lower quality races – especially on how to scalp these

  3. Speak a bit slower leave gaps between sentances and stop the video showing screenshots .. hard for beginers to not get lost and one point merges with another ..

  4. Can you do more videos for beginners please without using betting software just the betfair site.
    Most of the videos I’ve seen are for high stakes….. mainly £100 a time.
    I understand higher stakes bring higher reward but how do we build up a pot with low stakes and no software
    Many thanks

  5. 1. Simple, and hopefully usually lucrative, bets/ trades for horses and tennis.
    2. ALL of 1. above pre-off, pre-start.
    3. Allow 2. above to be made at ANY convenient time, not just before event starts.
    4. What information will be VITAL to have for use when placing bet/trade.

  6. Trading has replaced betting in my life, and seems more enjoyable as a result. I can limit liability and I never “chase losses” now. I guess it’s because I’m very old (85), and I make sure everything I do I REALLY enjoy.

  7. Hi Caan,

    If possible would you produce a video highlighting the effects of the market overround & how to you use it to to your advantage as an indicator to achieve successful trades.

    Keep up the good work, it’s all appreciated.

    Kind regards

  8. Hi Caan,

    Please expose novibet for cheating their customers.

    The following is one of many messages in an email thread that I can forward to you. I wrote:

    “This is not about free spins not appearing!!

    This is about how I got an in app message to tell me that I had 10 free spins with a play now button! I clicked on that button which opened a slots game.

    My balance before I did that was €12.

    I clicked on the spin icon. Nothing showed me that €5 was taken from my account.
    I clicked on the spin icon again. Nothing showed me that €5 was taken from my account.
    I clicked on the spin icon again. It said I had insufficient funds to play.

    I returned to the home screen to see that my account had €2 as the balance!

    So, I didn’t get free spins. It took €5 for each spin.

    Please credit my account with the €10 that was incorrectly deducted!

    If you can’t do this, then escalate this to a Technical Manager.”

    They never escalated my case and just gave me the same answer repeatedly that “each player is solely responsible for the bets he places on our website”

    They are complete scumbags! I have another story about 888, if ever you want to hear that one.

  9. Hi!
    I’d like to see more videos with a deeper breakdown as you do in a video in pre-racing trading guide.

  10. Personally I would like more background information, the latest bookie scams, odds tampering, changing odds after event completion, pitfalls, ridiculous staking plans, things to avoid, suspicious markets behaviour and the like.

  11. Hi Cann,

    Ive watched all the content in the video pack course. You’re knowledge and insight are excellent.

    – How would approach a typical cold trade. Open a new race, what are the key things you do every single time. From checking charts to where you’d typically open a trade. Simple process.

  12. I really like the videos where you explain what you’re doing and why while we “look over your shoulder”. However, I often find these a bit too fast to follow properly. Would it be possible to slow the video down a bit more so that you can explain exactly where you are placing the bets and why, really step by step. I.e. “I had seen these indicators on this race/horse. I notice this money come into the market here which gives me the confirmation I’m looking for and so I place lay bets here for this reason. At this point I place a back bet here for this reason etc. etc.” It would really help to see how you are digesting all the info and reacting to it in the heat of the moment. Many thanks.

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