Tennis Retirement Rules for Betting Explained (Help Article)

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Tennis retirement rules can change everything, knowing the tennis betting rules in advance is wise.

Depending on where you bet they’ll vary too…

This is why you need to know the rules before creating a tennis trading strategy. But fear not! We’re about to explain all of the tennis retirement rules for betting purposes.

It’s only natural to be wary of the rules. After all, they are the boundary of limitation that determines the outcome…

However, in tennis, this becomes tricky. This is because there are multiple tennis rules for betting based on different in-game variables. Things can get complicated quickly, especially when you consider different bookmakers and exchanges use different rules. That’s right, Betfair tennis betting rules may differ between the sportsbook and exchange – watch out for that.

Worse still, I’m yet to see a clear and concise step-by-step guide on how the rules of tennis betting work (hence this post). So, let’s ace it for readers!

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Tennis Retirement Rules and Betting:

In this post, you’ll learn all the important information about tennis betting retirement rules. Depending on your bookmaker or exchange, the rules on how bets are settled vary significantly so make sure you check the terms and conditions to see which rule is being used with the operator you are using.

It’ll also be important to follow the action as it happens ( is a useful resource for this).

Generally, tennis retirement rules are broken down into three main retirement rules. However, the second rule is often sub-categorised.

They are:

  • Tennis Rules Type 1
  • Tennis Rules Type 2a and 2b
  • Tennis rules Type 3

Tennis retirement rules discussed here only apply to betting on the winner of the match and not necessarily to other betting odds.

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Tennis Retirement Rules Type 1

⇒ Key Note: At least a set determines if bets are valid.

The tennis betting rule states that all bets are valid if and only if at least one set of tennis matches is completed. If a match is abandoned without the completion of at least one set, the best are invalid. You’re sure you can lay claim to your bets if your bookies fall under this rule.

This rule also allows you to lay your bet on any of the exchanges, such as Betfair.

Tennis Betting Rules Type 2A

⇒ Key Note: A full match decides the validity of bets.

Under these tennis retirement rules, the validity of bets is determined by the completion of a full match. So, if a match is abandoned or a player retires earlier in a match, all bets are null and void. There are no exchanges under this rule category.

Tennis Betting Rules Type 2B

⇒ Key Note: Disqualification or early retirement invalidates bets, a full match must be completed.

This is a logical rule. A full match can only be complete if a player doesn’t retire early or gets disqualified. Hence, the rule states that a full match has to be necessarily completed before bets become valid. However, if a player is disqualified during the match as a result of injury or early retirement, the match cannot be completed, and so bets are void.

player smashes tennis racket

If a player is disqualified, all bets will be settled on the player progressing to the next round or deemed to be the winner. Just like the 2a, this rule type also doesn’t allow exchanges.

It’s worth noting this doesn’t happen very often at all.

Tennis Betting Retirement Rule 3:

Key Note: Bets are valid as soon as the match starts.

Tennis retirement rule type 3 states that bets are valid only if the match starts and the player qualifying for the next round will be deemed the winner. However, a match that fails to start automatically nullifies the validity of the bets.

This rule also doesn’t allow exchanges. Just be aware of this if you are matched betting or placing arbitrage bets between platforms.

A Word Before Retiring:

Here is another thing you need to take seriously!

Make sure your bookmaker is genuine and the site you sign up with is licensed. There are instances online where individuals have lost both back and lay bets with no recourse. If you should have a problem and the company is licensed, you can contact a dispute resolution service. IBAS and eCogra will both ensure that tennis betting rules are correctly adhered to.

Finally, tennis betting rules are dynamic and thus subject to change; be sure to keep up with future changes as they should happen.

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