12 Top Betfair Trading Posts From This Year (to Help You in 2017)

Betfair Trading 2017

Wow, where’s this year gone?

It feels like it was only last week that I made this, slightly controversial video. But it’s been a whole year!

So much has happened in a short space of time. The markets remain pretty similar but I’ve moved house, new car, got separate offices, been to the Cheltenham festival for the first time, had 4 holidays and managed to have a record year. Not bad, right?

So as the year draws to a close it’s always good to reflect. I often get readers emailing in mentioning previous blogs and asking similar questions. A lot of the time the answer’s already here… more a case of finding them.

So I’ve put together this post as a short-cut. I made a post like this last year last year and feedback was good.

To me, all of these posts are interesting in one way or another. There may even be a few hidden hints sewn in there too!

Top Betfair Trading Posts (no particular order)

#1 Scalping Betting Exchanges

#2 Betfair Bot Goes Crazy!

#3 5 Point Checklist: Back to Lay Tips

#4 Top 15 Betfair Trading Tips For Beginners

#5 5 Stages to Trading on Betfair For A Living

#6 [Video Post] Betfair Swing Trading

#7 Geeks Toy For Dummies, Fully Explained

#8 Starting Banks: New Traders – Cash is Oxygen

#9 5 Betfair Trading Books Worth Reading

#10 3 Tips: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

#11 Betfair Premium Charge – How it’s Calculated

#12 Profitable Upset: Tennis Trading

What About 2017? Where to Start…

There’s plenty to be learnt from 2016’s posts. But what about 2017?

Each year things shimmy and change in the markets, although rarely a great deal. The same principles apply in general, they have to.

Excluding a Betfair meltdown, or premium charge hike even higher I suspect things will remain much the same. ITV covering more racing is likely to make some kind of shift too, if that’s good or bad yet I don’t know. As always, it’s best to ‘make hay while the sun shines’ as they say…

As far as the blog goes I shall continue, the recent video pack update is complete so it’s likely I focus on creating a few course days when I’m not trading. There’s a shortlist of followers waiting already, but doing these things right takes a little time.

That’s it from me for now… I’ll probably post up a bit over the festive period, but if I don’t. Have a cracking Christmas!

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7 thoughts on “12 Top Betfair Trading Posts From This Year (to Help You in 2017)

  1. Good idea as all information helps and you can always derive something when you re-watch the videos. Still a lot to learn for myself but you have to keep going and learning. Looking forward to working my way through the twelve topics above.

    1. certainly Nigel. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂 sometimes I even find looking back at my own stuff is rather thought-provoking with new angles

  2. Have a great Christmas Caan. It’s been a massive year for me trading wise and I couldn’t have done it without your help. Best Regards

  3. Hi caan I have spent weekend going through your 12 points several times to drum them in. Loving all the effort you go to help us all out. The last year I have watched your YouTube clips crazy amount of times for the nuggets to help me out and it will hopefully benefit me in 2017. Hope to purchase video pack and trading guide early new year so as to get serious with my venture. I wish you and all traders a healthy & prosperous new year.

  4. Hi caan

    I’ve taken a small break mainly due to work but also in part as I felt I’d hit a wall with the in running mistakes. Time is a healer. Looking forward to taking up the reigns again with a more detached attitude in 2017

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