Trading the news…..

Keeping an eye on the news is something i’m becoming more and more interested in as it often presents opportunities where by its possible to pick a trade with an almost definite outcome, providing your quick enough to respond.

This week I’ve caught a couple of easy moves doing just this. Unfortunately I didn’t join in on the Rory McIlroy move even though I posted it up on the usual social networking pages. Reason being nothing other than the price, I knew it was likely to be a definite move and may have some left in it still but at 13.0 when it first come to my attention I left it purely because I wasn’t sure how long it would leave my money tied up. I only keep a small trading bank as its all I need for the horses on a daily basis although it could be worth letting it grow for things like this, for any sort of sizable stake i’d need more than double my usual account balance. (£500 say @ 13.0 it would take up a whopping £6,500 liability)

A pretty decent move, to say the least.

Also I’ve found some of the tip’s posted up on the sporting life website of use in the morning, one of which this week I caught at 12.5 and started at a price of 8.8. It seems to be working out better than the more obvious choices of tipster like Hugh Taylor’s tips when they come out at 10.30am – by the time they come out nearly all the move has happened and there are so many people fighting over whats left it makes it not worth it. If anyone knows of any other tipsters that seem to influence the market that isn’t so widely known feel free to get in touch!

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